Ninja Burger Player Roll Call (OOC)


This thread is for Out Of Character discussion.

It's meant to be an introduction.

I'll start.

My name is Michael Fiegel. I'm going to be some mix of Dispatcher and Moderator for this game. I created the game and Ninja Burger so I probably have the most experience with it, but I'm still moderately new with the PDQ system itself.

I'm Aleksander Cercek. I, uh, am a hopeful applicant to the game. I am an avid watcher of anime, which was at least in part my motivation for applying. I have no idea whatsoever what kind of role I might play, as I have no personal preference and am willing to adapt.

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I'm Bruce Sutherland. My tabletop RPG experiences have been with 3rd edition DND + Rolemaster. I find these both a bit "rules heavy" and am interested in playing something a bit more free-form. After reading the PDQ rules and the Ninja Burger website, I think this game will be fun.

Im Keith MacKenzie. I've been playing rpgs for over 20 years (Mostly GURPS and each edition of AD&D, and many others in between on the spectrum from good to bad) and am interesed in the pbp concept. My previous ventures into online (non-MMORPG) games have gone belly up quickly, too quickly for any real appreciation or dislike. I am new to the NinjaBurger RPG, but have browsed the demo pages from and own the Steve Jackson Games card game. I am aiming at a deliverator, but probably not a stock model.


Also, just remembered - I will of course need everyone's email addresses so I can send you copies of the RPG. Email me at plzkthx.

I ARR TEH... crap, Morbus already did that one. Sean B. Palmer, anyway.

I'm Itamar Weisberg (nice to meet you too). I have no prior history as I was just dicovered recently in an archeaological dig.

On my way to read the PDQ rules, and the wiki suggested I be a chef.

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P.S you can email my dig site at is the easiest way to reach me.

Hello, all. I'm Matt Richards, and I'd like to play as a Spotter or a Deliverator, but I can go with just about anything. I have experience playing DnD, GURPS, and some (insert GM's name here)'s Homebrew. I also prefer free-form RP to rules-heavy, but I can adjust to pretty much everything.

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Sorry, I almost forgot. You can contact me at Yes, I'm a band geek.

"Who are we to believe/That these dreams are just naivé/When we've all disagreed from the start?"
-from the Simon & Garfunkel song, "Citizen of the Planet"

Roster is now closed. 7 ninja are participating. An email introduction will be sent and then I will try to keep all further chatter to this forum thereafter.