Ninja Burger PBP Episode 3 - 5/26/06


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito: 29 = 7
Lorthyne/Bozuko: 31 = 4
Arvo/Toru: 22 = 4
Zipdrive/Kitaro: 51 = 6
Morbus/Morboko: 42 = 6
Axiomatic/Haruko: 41 = 5
SBP/Hidoi : 40 = 10

Time elapsed: Only a few seconds, really. Inconsequential so far.

Skipito adjusts quickly to the rapidly worsening situatioon and whips out a Kusarigama, hurling the weighted end towards the nearest light. Through some quirk of fate, his ancestors smile upon him and his own inner aura of Light somehow pulls him towards the light fixture, giving him the edge he needs (7 +2 Upshift = 9) to make it to the light (Complex Task, Difficulty 9). He succeeds in snagging the light, and as he drops the chain catches and he begins to swing like a pendulum towards the next light.

Morboko can do little but fall and reach out desperately for help. Bozuko attempts a rather complicated rope trick (Target 9), which looks rather impressive and seems to sort of work. Sort of. (4 +2 Projectile Guidance = 6). Kitaro tosses the end of Toru's rope towards Morboko as well, with Haruko bracing Bozuko's thrown rope alone since Hidoi, wrapped in his own magical world, ignored the rope tossed to him. The net result of this is twofold. First, since it's an easy enough task (5), Morboko grabs the two ropes thrown to her (6), but keeps falling. Second, with all the rope tossing and spinning around, Bozuko gets a bit tangled up in the ropes, and will have to work at getting untangled. The good news is that, thus entangled, he makes a very good anchor point. Thus entangled and distracted for the moment, there's little else Bozuko can spot.

Up above, Toru finds several beams on which to tie a rope (which is about 100' long), and as he pauses, he scouts out the situation, trying to determine which route would make more sense, the ceiling or the wall. (4 -2 Navigator = 2). The ceiling would definitely be safer. Definitely.

Left to his own devices, the mad hatter Hidoi concocts a scheme to create a sort of pendulum effect to get Morboko up. Throwing around some lead weights, he subtly uses the Kuji-In called "Zai", which allows him to swap two elements for an action. The air beneath Morboko is briefly turned to earth, and Morboko's downward plunge is halted, thus preventing everyone holding the ropes from being jerked off their feet. With an excellent roll of 10 +2 Magic (total 12), Hidoi manages to pull off the intricate maneuver with ease, though he himself probably doesn't fully grasp what he just did.

Morboko and Skipito thus saved from falling, attention turns towards getting across the room, and getting Bozuko untangled. Getting down to the floor would be relatively easy at this point, since there's a big earthen slab beneath Morboko's feet, hovering in midair, but that option will only remain for a few seconds, so if you wish to take it you must do so immediately.

Your ninja perception (all of you) also clues you in to the fact that things are happening elsewhere in the room. You can't quite figure out what - small shifts of air, maneuverings of ki, tiny sounds - but something, somewhere, is moving. The same perception also tells you that you have about 4 and a half minutes remaining.

For the moment, the ground, ceiling and walls all appear clear of obstacles.

"Reality is merely six feet under!", Morboko shouts, and steps off the big earthen slab (before flashing Hidoi a glance that just screams "Morboko: The Freshmaker!") to the ground below. Granted, this is probably a bit more than six feet, but Morboko has recently been trying to add "catchy catchphrases" to her acting arsenal, and well, the effort shows. Once on the ground, she'll do her best to run at a high enough speed to leap, supah-ninjah-cat-like, from ground to catwalk on the other side of the room.

Skipito grabs the second light and secures a foothold and at least an elbowpit on that unit. Then pulls himself (and the light) back toward the first light, to build up swing potential and disentangle the kusarigama.

If this goes quicker and easier than expected, Skipito will continue with Tarzan-do to the third and subsequent lights.

"Batman Poser Corp Forever! er I mean I Love being a Ninja!"

Could you describe the beams Toru discovered in a little more detail? The impression I'm getting is that this is a rectangular room, and the beams support the ceiling by connecting it to the wall (forming a triangular gap, three sides being ceiling, wall, and beam). Is my assumption correct, or are these more like cross-beams going from one side of the room to the other? You said earlier (Episode 1) that the ceiling is angled slightly, is it sloping down towards our destination, up towards our destination, or to the left/right? Also, how deeply is Bozuko entangled? Is the rope merely wrapped around him several times, or is it a big, knotted mess?

Bozo, being the dedicated Spotter that he is, diverts all of his attention to identifying the foreign (non-Ninja) movements in the room.

"Dispatch, d'ya have any idea what's movin' 'round in here?"

Bozuko (assuming that the rope does not hamper his movement) whips out his handy-dandy Sub-Par Lighting Condition Monocular Scope, using the various lenses (infrared, night vision, auditory visualizer, etc., all laid out in a panpipe-esquese fashion) to scan the room.

Due to Bozo's total concentration on his Spotting duties, he completely disregards (and forgets about) the rope his is entwined in, and makes no attempt to emancipate himself.

"A government is a body of men usually notably ungoverned"
-Shepherd Book, from Joss Whedon's "Firefly"

Kitaro stands with ropes in his hands and a look of mild concentration on his face, trying to figure out what to do.
He then Shouts to Toru (forgetting all about the commlink in the excitement):
"Toru-san, Be a good sport and tie your end of the rope to one of those beams, just so you can Beam me up (geddit?) in case this whole walkway crashes down in a horrific storm of metallic noise"

- reading a signature is silly -

"Slack, please", requests Toru, in physical pain from the excessive volume and sheer Bad Joke Power of Kitaro's pun.

Maneuvering himself into a position close to a beam, Toru removes the suction cups from his hands, and hangs upside down by his feet. He stows the cups down (up?) his Ninja pants.

After untying the rope around him, Toru secures it to the beam with a double flailing monkey knot [Ninja +0].

Rectangular room, slightly sloped roof, peaked in the middle, sloping down towards the sides. The beams run from high on the wall to points on the ceiling, and now that you look at them you don't see any logic to the arrangement. The beams cannot be supportive, only decorative, or for some other purpose yet to be revealed.

Bozuko is pretty badly tangled but nothing a single action by a single ninja won't resolve.

Kitaro is contemplating whether untangling Bozuko by cutting the ropes around him using his favorite model knife into little pieces [using sharp things +2] is the smart thing to do. ...that, and what 34 little pieces of rope are good for.

On a side note, I'd like to inform everyone that I will be out of town for the majority of June, and probably will be unable to access a computer. I'll be gone from June 2-8, and again from the 12-27. I apologize for this, and I will do my best to post when I have the opportunity. If I do not have the opportunity to post (I am pretty sure I won't be able to post from the 12 through the 27), I turn all of Bozuko's actions over to Aeon until I return. Thanks for your patience.

"A government is a body of men usually notably ungoverned"
-Shepherd Book, from Joss Whedon's "Firefly"