Ninja Burger PBP Episode 7 - 7/3/06


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito: 38 = 7
Arvo/Toru: 59 = 17 = 4
Zipdrive/Kitaro: 55 = 03 = 9
Lorthyne/Bozuko: = 03 = 9
Morbus/Morboko: = N/A
Axiomatic/Haruko: = N/A
SBP/Hidoi : = N/A

Bozuko manages to catch Skipito's attention long enough to succeed in getting his rope fastened to the light, as requested. It seems sturdy enough, and if he wishes, he can clamber up to swinging height and follow Skipito along.

After hooking the rope for Bozuko, Skipito hurtles through the air. For anyone other than a ninja this would lead to a big mess on the floor, but Skipito manages it well enough, although it's certainly not the most elegant move ever made. As predicted (and hoped for), the light he grabs onto with his kusarigama is not electrified, and seems to support his weight -- for the moment. However, as momentum carries him forward, the light groans ominously, and Skipito gets the feeling that he'd better use momentum to his advantage and keep swinging, or drop off, because if he tries to Tarzan this and rock back and forth, the light will fall.

As fate would have it, Morboko happens to be right in the path, and she leaps up and grabs hold. Now TWO lives are in Skipito's hands!

Kitaro, in a flash of insight, realizes that the rivets are almost perfectly sized to match the holes in the walls, and he quickly runs along and jams the holes, ceasing the flow of darts. No one else is nearby to help him, so his request goes unheard, but he's pretty sure he can plug all the holes along one side as he goes, making it half as dangerous for everyone else on the floor. If he wants to go back and forth and get them all, it'll take three times as long, and with the walls closing in it doesn't look like that's a good idea.

Toru ducks, dodges and weaves across the room, doing his best to avoid any hazards. He makes it to the wire on the other side and begins to climb, and is about halfway up when he suddenly falls back down to the ground, stunned. Attached to the other end of the wire (the end that was formerly attached to the wall) is a small plug-shaped endpiece. A quick glance up at the wall where it came from reveals a fine spray of some sort of gas, quickly filling the room; lighter than air, it is rising up... right in front of the door you need to escape through.

The Dispatcher informs the rest of the group of this factoid with a terse "Great. Walls closing in, darts shooting out, and now some kind of gas is filling the room. I'll see if I can determine what kind; in the meantime, it's probably safest to avoid it if you can."

After a moment, he says "Oh, right. The door. Hmmmm. Tough one. Gimme a second..." He is gone for many seconds.

Toru sits up and shakes his head to clear the stars.

"Oh, err, oops," he says sheepishly, glancing from the hole in the wall above, to the plug on the wire that he is holding. "Sorry everybody. Saru mo ki kara ochiru*, right?"

Pulling his ninja mask up over his mouth and nose, Toru quickly resumes his ascent, this time using the trusty suction cups. Noticing that the gas is filling the room from the ceiling down, he aims to reach the door before the gas reaches that level.

"Everyone, take deep breaths," he advises over the radio. Toru begins hyperventilating as he climbs, saturating the remote crevices of his lungs with fresh air. He prepares to hold his breath if he encounters any of the ominous looking spray.

* Literally: "Even monkeys fall from trees." Meaning, everybody makes mistakes.

"Toru, any chance you can re-plug that wire so we won't get gassy?" [-2 pun maker]

Kitaro decides that plugging one side of holes is enough, and spends a few seconds trying to recall what light gas, commonly used by ninja, has that color [esoteric knowledge +2].

At the optimal launching point, Skipito will assist (spelled shove)Morbuku to jump to the target light, and immediately following that, leap to the next lateral (non-electrified light). Since I won't have time to disengage my kusarigama, it will be abandoned. "Bozo, your rope is hooked, but I dont know that I would trust that light."

"I wonder if that gas is flammable, combustable, or inert? Anyone want to bet a flash pellet on the answer?"

Skipito (Ninja +0, Extreme Sportster +2, Light Element +2) will now begin his meta-prayer for a high roll.

Bozo's rope is hooked to the light that Skipito just left, and not to the one which he (Skipito) is currently clinging to, correct?

Being relatively close to the wall in which the team entered, Bozuko, first fastening his ninja mask over his mouth and nose, decides to run up the wall as high as ninja-ly possible and leap, attempting to grab the rope at a high point. Using the momentum of his jump and streamlining his body, Bozo intends to swing across the rapidly-decreasing length of the room and (hopefully) land atop the opposite catwalk. If he cannot reach the far side, Bozuko will compensate by both sliding down the rope during the swing and, if neccessary, releasing the rope.

Can Bozo get a bonus from his Air element? (Wind/Movement)

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-Shepherd Book, from Joss Whedon's "Firefly"