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An Acineen is a type of citrus fruit which grows predominantly around the forested area of Alezan. Its skin is the color of the brightest green, with a vibrant orange coloured flesh within. It measures on average one quarter of a nanit in diameter and is slightly oval in shape.

Its taste can best be described as zingy on the frontal palate with a tart aftertaste. Although one may consider it an acquired taste, it has gained popularity across the populations of Ghyll, with many regions finding their own unique methods of enjoyment.

In Folktown it is mixed with the luminous blue fruit of the fefferberry to create a fruit salad of the most starling contrasts in colour. The orange of the acineen and the blue of the fefferberries creates such a beautiful sight that it has come to be known as eye-food salad, for indeed it more wondrous to gaze at than it is to eat.

On campus at the Bute University, students bide their time on Summer breaks with a concoction of exotic cacti from the Cactus forests, dried in the sun and mixed with the zest of acineen. The mixture is then smoked in wither-pipes until participants fall madly in love with all that they encounter. The chemical role of acineen zest in this compound has yet to be tested, though it is speculated that it is added purely for the bittersweet taste which distracts from the horrendous taste of the cacti.

Amongst the mysterious occupants of Kebro-shepenor, acineens are often distilled to create a hard liquor renown for it's potency. Those mainlanders who have managed to acquire this plonk have attested to its divine taste and inebriating effects. It is unclear how the occupants of Kebro-shepenor come to obtain this mainland fruit, though rumours exist of a black market in trading the fruit for the resultant liquor. This rumour might be explained by the phenomenon of darkships and the mysterious figures who load their cargo in the depth of night.

For further information, see Reuben Fischelburn Acineen: A History and Recipe Collection of the Green And Orange Fruit, Bute University Press, -4 EC.

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-- Urik Orr 20:49, 14 May 2005 (EDT)

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