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Aelfants are the unfortunate outcome of a tryst betwixt Pyxie and pachyderm. It is a little know fact that Pyxies, when intoxicated on fermented Fefferberry wine will begin to shapeshift, and become quite randy. They are responsible for most of the legends of halfbreeds and man-monsters that have come down to us from long ago.

Alas, as the Aelfants' time has passed and their numbers have grown ever smaller, the few remaining Aelfants have retreated further and further west into the protective shadow of the two great Alezanian spires. They have fled the inhabited Evesque Valley never to be seen again.

Most people don't believe Aelfants truly exist, but I've seen one with my own two eyes. Just outside my garden, a few years back. I'll never forget that mighty beast's glowing, emerald hide.

I know most researchers are told to leave themselves out of the story, but I'm too old for that trefk. They can shove that "passive voice" nonsense right up an Aelfant's backside. --Qwentyth Pyre 21:50, 2 Sep 2004 (EDT)

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