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The lands of Alezan were long ago inhabited by a race that has since deserted the lands completely, leaving behind only structures which time seems to have forgotten. The most apparent structures of the lands of Alezan are viewable from the west portion of the Evesque Valley. Even though much time has passed between the ancient construction of the temples and pillars of Alezan, two single spikes rise out of the forest to dominate over the land to the west of the Valley.

The inhabitants of the land around Alezan do not tread there often, although this does not stop the lands from being a common playplace for children attempting to demonstrate their bravery. No treachery has ever befallen anyone treading through these lands, but there remains an air of eerieness that parents who wish to keep their children safe from harm can sense and protect against.

Occasional efforts to discover the source of these ruins has been made, but although time has not affected the structures themselves, any historical information about why or where they came from has been lost into the mists. Most notably, the Cranee Historical Society has spent many hours poring over the physical structures, searching for some indicator of who, or what, created them. However, the only results that they did find turned out to be a trick played by local children. Here follows the record of a Historical Society member regarding the event:

A discovery today! While dusting around the base of the northern pillar, Phennella discovered a vorpcara wedged in the ground. This is the first historically significant discovery we've made thus far. The vorpcara has been sent for testing as to the date of its creation. Its presence here seems to indicate that these devices, of which only seven are known in the world, may be much older than we had previously imagined.

Later in the same historian's record, we discover the falsehood perpetrated by the trickster youths:

We received the information on the date of the vorpcara today. It turned out that it was exactly the same age as one which had been stolen from a nearby museum. We returned the vorpcara to a grateful caretaker who had been on the verge of getting sacked over its loss.

To this day, no further knowledge of the origin of the ruins exists.

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-- Christopher Schmidt Aug 30 2004 14:38 EDT

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