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While there are absolutely no facts revealing the identity of those who once lived in the ruins of Alezan, folklore and even quasi-science have taken it upon themselves to create Alezanians. Bobby Shwarmph--or "Robert" as he prefers to be called--says that those like himself who live nearby the ruins simply can't handle not knowing who made them, so even knowing someone false is better than no-one at all.

These Alezanians supposedly are remarkably 'evil' in appearance, and are allegedly prone to such activities as kidnapping and devouring badly behaved children, building and then abandoning civilizations, and possibly even tearing up the throats of--rather than eating--said misbehaved children, though the only person to have thought this last possible worked at Folktown Records.

Of course, these Alezanians are probably simply a myth... but Bobby runs the Aliens Everywhere magazine, so his words should be trusted.

Citations: Aliens Everywhere, Bobby Shwarmph.

-- Edward Shwarmph 23:33, 1 Sep 2004 (EST)

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