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An Anaximancer is a person who has, by some means, seemingly gained the ability to produce objects of all sorts from thin air. There is supposedly an instructional work towards these methods, known as the "Echecharion", which relates how "thyngs may bee prodvced from thet 'Boondliss' wich is byond ye siying of myrtle man". No known original copies of this work exist; two copies, transcribed from unknown sources and suspected of being more or less fake, are held in the Odlucian Library. These copies date to roughly -70 EC.

The most famous Anaximancer was Edvard von Craghelm, who appeared one day in an unnamed small village and began to put on a great show. He proceeded to tour about the country in a random manner, never staying too long in one place, until he died under mysterious circumstances while travelling near a moor in -20 EC. Objects he produced are largely privately held, though a number are contained in various museums.

Citations: Edvard von Craghelm, Odlucian Library.

--Prothall 17:54, 2 Sep 2004 (EDT)

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