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The apollzygojustapyxie is a variant of the common pyxie. Or, perhaps, it is the common pyxie... it can be hard to tell for sure with those guys. Whichever the case, the quality that differentiates an apollzygojustapyxie from a regular pyxie is the fact that it is entirely covered in a thick layer of slime. The slime can vary infinitely in viscosity, opacity and hue and, although the shape of the apollzygojustapyxie can vary as widely as that of the regular pyxie, the fact that it is always covered in slime usually makes it easily distinguishable from most non-pyxie animals. One notable exception is the Squelshous Panderat, which is very commonly mistaken for an apollzygojustapyxie due to its own... unusual characteristics, shall we say... but that is neither here nor there.

It is unclear why the apollzygojustapyxie is covered in slime. It has been suggested that this is a defense mechanism formed against predators, a symptom of a pyxie-specific disease, or even just the results of an odd sense of humor, but no conclusive evidence has been put forward. Apollzygojustapyxies themselves were unavailable for comment.

Apollzygojustapyxies are widely sought by military manufacturers, who harvest their slime to make the bullets for snotguns. Snot slugs made from apollzygojustapyxie slime are known to cause that most unfortunate and peculiar of diseases, Zygotic Dermatosis. Creating the slugs, however, is a very difficult process, and must be performed under very strictly defined conditions or, at best, the slug will turn out to be a dud. The conditions to be met involve such diverse variables as the current temperature, the ages of the manufacturers, and even what phase Perky is in. On top of that, the whole process must be done with the apollzygojustapyxie’s consent, or the slug will be a failure and likely explode all over the manufacturers, causing Zygotic Dermatosis in all involved. Since the manufacturing process almost invariably results in the death of the apollzygojustapyxie, this is a very difficult thing to obtain. For that reason, most apollzygojustapyxie snot slug manufacturers are also highly skilled in legal trickery, to the point of rivaling actual lawyers.

Due to this behavior, apollzygojustapyxies usually go out of their way to avoid Ghyllians, which is generally considered a good thing since they combine the regular nasty disposition of the common Pyxie with a equally disgusting layer of slime.

Citations: Perky, Squelshous Panderat, Zygotic Dermatosis.

--Dfaran L'Eniarc 16:08, 14 May 2005 (EDT)

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