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Aquentravalkeration was a controversial religious practice of the extinct Nitenmangrey culture, which flourished prior to -900 EC. Since documents from that period remain undeciphered, scholars of the present era have had to propound their respective theories based solely on the accompanying illustrations. For example, it is clear that a bull's pizzle was involved in the practice in some way, but the procedure for its utilization is still subject to vociferous debate.

According to Supetupheraraphes, who coined the term, aquentravalkeration was essentially employed by the shamans of the Nitenmangrey in order to liberate themselves from the constraints of quotidian existence and take flight on a spirit journey to the sphere of the farthest stars, from which they would return with messages of hope and guidance for the tribesmen.

Rancticirchiretic, on the other hand, holds that aquentravalkeration was used solely by the royal line of the Nitenmangrey, and was a process by which the Paramount Queens ceremonially married the land. Supetupheraraphes of course rejects this theory in toto, as he denies that the Nitenmangrey were ruled by monarchs at all, and interprets the relevant hieroglyphs as meaning "socially prominent persons".

The view of Oblibestircus that aquentravalkeration was merely a conventional arrangement whereby Nitenmangrey bankers reconciled their accounts has been rejected by the maior et sanior pars of the scholars of Ghyll.

Citations: Nitenmangrey, Supetupheraraphes.

--John Cowan 16:12, 1 Sep 2004 (EDT)

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