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Articulary Motion is the name of the odd behavior wherein Pinky and Perky have been seen to swap places. Once every 100 years, Pinky and Perky inexplicably reverse their positions in the sky for one night. This was first observed and recorded in -201 EC, again in -101 EC, and then once more in -1 EC.

The particular night during which this happens remains a bit of a mystery, except that it has thus far been on Ulfsday. In the first instance, it was noted as Ulfsday the 15th of Gomin of the year -201 EC. In the third instance it was noted as Ulfsday the 8th of Jole of the year -1 EC by Ralph Neocronin. In both cases, the swap was only for about two hours. It is interesting to note that the lights of Pinky were all muted, to the point of almost being gone completely. There was still an occasional flash, such as from a lighthouse, but even then, they were noticably softer. Phylostarus noticed the first swap in -201 EC and made sure any further occurrences would be noticed and recorded. Naturally, these swaps play much havoc with theoalchemical processes and such things that rely on the positioning of the two moons.

The phenomenon has been called many different names (many of which I cannot print here due to the multi-age nature of the possible readers), but the most common has been "collumnar reversal". Articulary Motion is also believed to be the cause of Cornover Reflex Syndrome.

Citations: Cornover Reflex Syndrome, Theoalchemy, Perky.

--Trousle Undrhil 22:23, 20 May 2005 (EDT)

Is it not true that articulary motion is also the cause of transmutations within certain Ghyllites in which they actually morph into semi-mythical beasts such as the high-school-sweetheart-eating werechicken and the shiny-shoed, life-draining politician? --Nikos of Ant 17:39, 28 Aug 2005 (EDT)

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