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The Avazian people were advanced metal workers, unlike the other races sharing the world during their reign. Consequently, the development of the Avazian civilization advanced quickly. This advancement came with the side effect of immense greed. Many highly advanced magnetic propulsion weapons were developed using the Avazian's science knowledge and metalworking skills, and were subsequently used in the Third Avazian War.

Millions of lives were lost during the initial bombings. Many protests were conducted, having little effect on the war. Realizing this lack of success, a small group of Avazian scientists (mainly female, since the Avazians had very few males in the population) on both sides of the war who were investigating new magnetic propulsion technologies, formed a secret team intending to thwart the ongoing conflict.

This team, calling themselves The Blackguard Avazians, developed a powerful semiconductor capable of containing large magnetic fields. They shaped this material into boxes approximately 18 nanits on each side. The boxes are referred to as the Avazian Boxes, Avazian War Boxes, or sometimes just Their Boxes. The properties of these boxes were astounding. Magnetic fields within a large radius were simply dissipated by applying a small electric charge to the box once, which rendered all weapons of Avazian origin ineffective, and the absorption of the magnetic field would perpetuate the magnetic-sucking action indefinitely.

After the creation of these boxes, war was completely eliminated although there were side effects. Most all technology the Avazians had invented was magnetic-based and ceased to work from that point forward. This caused the reversal of technological development for the Avazians, and eventually the collapse of their society. Long after the collapse, an un-activated Avazian Box was found buried in the Avazian ruins, and was activated by accident, causing much havoc. The box was buried deeply, and was also covered in a lead alloy to prevent further magnetic drain. It is expected that the box will run out of energy in a "few hundred years", but when that time converts to EC, or even when the statement was made, is currently unknown.

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--Eric Vitiello 00:14, 31 Aug 2004 (EDT)

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