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Bethelanious Mist is a very rare sight indeed, described as a heavy foggy mist, and seen in such places as Umbo Moor, Elminster Mire and Pelon Peak. It seems to cling to any surface which passes through it and possesses a stench so awful that many a traveller has become fatally ill because of it. Thankfully, the Mist doesn't show up frequently or regularly in any one place, but its irregular appearances do cause some alarm in those who believe in curses.

In -120 EC, Whelmin Shirnkal was newly and happily married. He had just completed his fielding hut and was ready to move his new family into it. Unfortunately, his hut was built on a non-stable area of ground and, during their first night inside, the hut collapsed. Whelmin and his new mate were killed instantly. Over the course of several days, people in the area of his collapsed hut began to notice a thick mist rising off the ground during the early morning. It was recorded by many who felt it was a curse over the ground of the dead newly-weds. At first, it was thought there was some dead animal nearby causing the smell, but when the mist went away, so too did the smell. All attempts to locate the cause of the smell failed, usually fatally, as noted above.

In -92 EC, a small child was found dead in the area of the Elminster Mire. The stench of the Mist clung to his clothing and he was burned and buried on the spot. That very night, the Mist arose in the Mire and three more were killed.

In -58 EC, during the Battle of Umbo Moor, the fighting was called off when the Mist appeared on the Moor. It was recorded by many soldiers and some believe the smell of the Mist drove Mox Elder slightly insane, long enough for him to believe he had seen the White Lady. From here, the stories of the Mist grow even more wild and dark. There are few who have taken the time to actually keep a record of the sightings.

The most recent sighting was in -10 EC in an unnoteworthy field of land. No one owned the land and no one had lived there for quite some time. Some travellers noticed the Mist out in the field and quickly returned to the last town to report it. By the time anyone with scholarly interest could arrive, the Mist was gone. Curiously, a small totem of unknown origin was found on the field after the Mist dispersed. It has yet to be determined if it was there before, or because of, the Mist.

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