Blasphemers' Crusade

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It is only the most ancient, sacred tablets (whose jade is the most encrusted with sticky who-knows-what) that refer to a strange episode known unimaginatively as the Blasphemers' Crusade. These records, which are highly regarded by the Loremasters as reasonably accurate, paint the simple picture of a tragedy so pointless that it would be laughable if anyone really cared.

Towards the end of the Nitenmangrey era, a schism arose in an as-yet-unnamed religious order. Couched as the records are in poetic language, it is difficult to ascertain the exact sequence of events, but the majority of Loremasters agree on a date of -910 EC. The majority party of the unnamed religious order decided that explicit naming of certain deities and terms was blasphemy. Those who resisted were deemed blasphemers, and their leaders branded as heresiarchs. The Crusade was called, and all but a few of the unfortunate minority were killed in a series of truly kick-ass fight scenes. The survivors of the Crusade fled east, disseminating both their morbid cannibalistic practices and the widespread usage of *#@! as a euphemistic means of obfuscating words with strong association. They finally settled in the Jorvyll region to found Agarttha.

It is of note to some linguists that a number of common, innocuous terms were once considered worth killing over. A sampling of these terms include Creator, splak, rehnquist, and dadaism. Of further note, Loremasters have found that, during the time of the Crusade, the true name of our demonic overlord was hidden not due to reverence, but because it was considered blasphemy. As these are more enlightened times, it may comfort scholars to know that even Agartthans can loosen up once in a while.

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--Snafu Bohica 20:48, 26 May 2005 (EDT)

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