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Bofu are ostensibly a form of confection, specifically a kind of pastry--if by pastry, one means "a baked good whose dough is rich in either butter or Altoxian Bulb gel, resulting in a light, flaky texture and sometimes esophageal burns and glowing excrement after consumption."

These small, palm-sized tarts are filled with various fruit jams and animal byproducts, depending on regional variation. The exact recipe, and the proportion of any given batch containing Altoxian Bulb gel, depends on a mind-bogglingly complicated calculation involving the body weight of the Speedish Chef and guests planning to "enjoy" the treats, as well as various measurements of celestial phenomena and how much money is owed to the chef.

The convoluted nature and unpredictable effects of eating Bofu is appropriate, since it is a traditional dessert dish served to family members of couples enduring a betrothal march. All relatives of the betrothed, up to as distant as second- and third-cousins in some of the more strict Carsokian families, are expected to consume at least one Bofu for every day the betrothal march lasts.

This practice has generally served to test the couple's respective families' regard toward their pending union: there have been reported cases of both unexplained good luck, and strange hideous accidents, on betrothal marches. Although tradition expects the couple to complete the march on their own, it is not unheard-of for a brother to leave supplies, or a distant aunt to leave falling rocks to be encountered. Sometimes, one more Bofu is motivation to help end a betrothal march, one way or another.

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--Tamlin Moon 23:42, 17 Sep 2004 (EDT)

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