Budgerigar Master

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The Budgerigar Master is a mysterious historical figure, often taken as a symbol of great political or social change that is not associated with death. He is noted as appearing and serving in the court of Odgar IV from c. -250 EC, right before the Extraordinarily Bloodless Revolution, in which occurred (more or less) the Conflict That Is Not Happening. He always had with him a cage of the birds for which he was named, though just what he did with them is unclear. He is assumed to be a mythical figure, as references to him in tales suggest appearances dating as far back as -2000 EC. No one has claimed to see him since roughly -50 EC, when a drunken mendicant supplied a highly questionable report. Budgerigars have been assumed to be generally extinct since -100 EC, though various important families or organizations sometimes maintain small groups of the birds. There are roughly ten documented budgerigars still living.

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