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The Budgerigar Master is a mysterious historical figure, often taken as a symbol of great political or social change that is not associated with death. He is noted as appearing and serving in the court of Odgar IV from c. -250 EC, right before the Extraordinarily Bloodless Revolution, in which occurred (more or less) the Conflict That Is Not Happening. He always had with him a cage of the birds for which he was named, though just what he did with them is unclear. He is assumed to be a mythical figure, as references to him in tales suggest appearances dating as far back as -2000 EC. No one has claimed to see him since roughly -50 EC, when a drunken mendicant supplied a highly questionable report. Budgerigars have been assumed to be generally extinct since -100 EC, though various important families or organizations sometimes maintain small groups of the birds. There are roughly ten documented budgerigars still living.

The best known tale of the Budgerigar Master is the epic poem by Arariax which relates various older legends about the figure.

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