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Bysted Timperton is current vice-chairman of the Council for Quezlarian Research. Because he holds such a high ranking in the Council, almost all biographical information about him has been struck out of all public record. As you may tell, this makes my job quite difficult, but I was able to peice together enough information to write this biography.

He is estimated to be born in -70 EC, in a spot somewhere on the Ghyllian Map. Close to nothing is known about his childhood, but we can easily infer that he was an exceptional student. He graduated at the top of the class body at the Bute University, further making his status in the scholarly world firmly cemented near the top. As an early adult he married Menia Pyre. They quickly had a son, the brilliant but rebellious Tim Timperton. Close to the same time as Tim's birth, the Council for Quezlarian Research offered Bysted a job. He quickly moved up the ranks to his current position, which he has kept for ages.

Bute University offered Bysted the role of Chancellor, which he gladly accepted. It not only gave Bysted a place to put the rambunctious college-aged Tim, but is rumored to have solved Bysted's task of finding the Council's new home. During the second year of his Chancellorship, the Timperton Clocktower was constructed. It is said that the clocktower is either the meetingplace of Council members, or a testing facility for forbidden and forgotten lore. Around this time, Bysted also talked the Council into letting Tim have a major role there. He didn't last very long, however, and was spotted one night to have flown out of the Timperton Clocktower via a window, and then went straight to the local pub.

These days, he does unclear work on an unclear project in an unclear organization.

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