Conflict That Is Not Happening

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Preliminary notes by Jcowan:

Named in an attempt to deny its continued existence.

Traceable as far back as the Battle of Barnum Stones)

Of late commonly between the southern Iganeftan producers of Altoxian Bulbs, and the northern Evesque Valley manufacturers of Andelphracian Lights

The latest in a continuing salvo of skirmishes over which lighting technomancy is the strongest.

The now rogue scientist Meldersen, creator of "Awal Sleeps" is a vital member, and his weapons are deployed against Iganefta.

Iganefta, in turn, has developed Ball Lightning Liqueur.

The active use of Ball Lightning Liqueur and "Awal Sleeps" has only been predominant within the last 50 years.

Bobby Shwarmph is said to be a veteran, serving (formerly?) as a platoon leader in the Tarkherk Corps.

Spearholder Jan ver Daath (Retired), also of the Tarkherk Corps, alias Bethany Mboya, is a former participant.

Occurred during the Extraordinarily Bloodless Revolution, more or less. Note: may be deleted.

That entry hasn't been copyedited yet, but my impression was that the EBR was part of the CTINH - a change of "in which occurred" to "which occurred in". If the CTINH was named because of the continued existence of these battles, and the most well known battle (nowhere is it said to be the first battle - just the most well known) took place as early as -323 EC, then the EBR is a part of that (as it takes place "right before -250 EC"). --Morbus Iff 08:36, 18 Sep 2004 (EDT)

This is your puppy, deal with it as you see fit. I interpreted the CTINH as being named as it was not happening; didn't consider the currency of the name. --Prothall 21:28, 22 Sep 2004 (EDT)

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