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[this is a first draft]

Core Script is the universally recognized written form of Ghyllian.

It consists of 17 vowels, 4 consonants, and 2 zhyglets, is expandable with the use of accents, and uses a 42 letter alphabet.

Its only known drawback as a written language is that the improper use of umlauts causes it to explode.

Core Script has become the standard translation tool for those that care to do that sort of thing. For example, it has been used to translate The Sleeping Lemming, an epic tale of buggery etched upon a tablet found in the third-story floor of Arbugghyll Manor. The tablet is currently housed within the library of the Miskaholic Collegium Civitas in the village of Thopth.

Further info on Core Script can be obtained at the Odlucian Library.

citations: Arbugghyll, Miskaholic Collegium Civitas, Odlucian Library

--Dodaka 19:05, 29 May 2005 (EDT)

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