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==Latest News==
==Latest News==
s-e-x animalsex
I've added a spam blacklist. Lemme know any problems. --[[User:MorbusIff|Morbus Iff]] 08:58, 17 October 2005 (EDT)
:Sorry for the Recentchanges spammage. The spam blacklist didn't actually work in MediaWiki 1.5 - all the Recentchanges dated today was Sbp and I debugging why. Eventually, we prevailed, and the patch has been contributed back to [ the MediaWiki community]. --[[User:MorbusIff|Morbus Iff]] 17:44, 17 October 2005 (EDT)
MediaWiki has been upgraded to 1.5. --[[User:MorbusIff|Morbus Iff]] 11:54, 6 October 2005 (EDT)
==Round 2 Turn Schedule==
==Round 2 Turn Schedule==

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This page details the state of play in the Ghyll encyclopedia.

Latest News

Round 2 Turn Schedule

Letter (Turn)Starts (00:00:00 -0500)Ends (23:59:59 -0500)Ends (EC)Notes
A (27)May 14th, 2005May 20th, 20051/1/12 ECRound 2 starts; weekly schedule.
B (28)May 21st, 2005May 27th, 20051/1/25 EC-
C (29)May 28th, 2005June 3rd, 20051/2/10 EC-
D (30)June 4th, 2005June 10th, 20051/2/23 EC-
E (31)June 11th, 2005June 17th, 20051/3/8 EC-
F (32)June 18th, 2005June 24th, 20051/3/21 EC-
G (33)June 25th, 2005July 1st, 20051/4/6 EC-
H (34)July 2nd, 2005July 15th, 20051/4/19 ECExtended: many incomplete dibs.
I (35)July 16th, 2005July 22nd, 20051/5/4 EC-
J (36)July 23rd, 2005July 29th, 20051/5/17 EC-
K (37)July 30th, 2005August 5th, 20051/6/2 EC-
L (38)August 6th, 2005August 12th, 20051/6/15 EC-
M (39)August 13th, 2005August 19th, 20051/7/1 EC-
N (40)August 20th, 2005August 26th, 20051/7/12 EC-
O (41)August 27th, 2005September 2nd, 20051/7/25 ECGhyll one year anniversary.
P (42)September 3rd, 2005September 9th, 20051/8/10 ECBegin Round 3 discussion.
Q (43)September 10th, 2005September 16th, 20051/8/23 EC-
R (44)September 17th, 2005September 23th, 20051/9/8 EC-
S (45)September 24th, 2005September 30th, 20051/9/21 EC-
T (46)October 1st, 2005October 7th, 20051/10/6 EC-
U (47)October 8th, 2005October 14th, 20051/10/19 EC-
V (48)October 15th, 2005October 21st, 20051/11/4 EC-
W (49)October 22nd, 2005October 28th, 20051/11/17 EC-
X (50)October 29th, 2005November 4th, 20051/12/2 EC-
Y (51)November 5th, 2005November 11th, 20051/12/15 EC-
Z (52)November 12th, 2005November 18th, 20051/12/28 EC-
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