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Aliens Everywhere as a publication is well known for the sensationalism of its articles and the quiver'n'bend attitude of its staff. The notoriety of the Daydream Believer and his conjoined twin, Head Deux, is well deserved.

A pseudonym used to protect one's identity is of dubious value when you are a freak of nature. Hence the identity of the Daydream Believer is unusually well known. However, in light of the case "The Daydream Believer vs. Folktown Records" and its astronomical settlement, it would be an act of professional suicide to reveal that secret here.

This sort of known-but-unknown truth is at the core of the name chosen by the illustrious columnist. In trial procedure, the Daydream Believer is responsible for retaining in his imagination the truthful scenario as relayed by the witnesses. It is his or her responsibility to relate on demand the current truth as witnesses have portrayed it.

As a professional accumulator of truth, the Daydream Believer might not be able to recall that the grass was blue-green or the sky a vivid lavender on a given day if that were not relevant to the testimony, but they would certainly be able to tell you if a nest were on the left or right of the den or if there were any vorpcara hanging nearby.

In a trial, the Daydream Believer is allowed to ask questions that are designed to clarify or elaborate on the events or setting. For instance they may ask if a Ghyllian took a particular route through a room in order to establish a path. Then, if later testimony reveals an inconsistency, the Daydream Believer may alter the testimony to fit the available facts.

For this reason, the last witnesses to testify are considered the least reliable. Once all testimony has been given, the Daydream Believer weaves his (or her) tale of the events in question for the trial as the official truth.

As keeper of the Aliens Everywhere official truth, the Daydream Believer has been the standard for the unique and sometimes bizarre truth as seen by Bobby Shwarmph and his publication. As for Juggling Small Animals, that publication is, in truth, bizarre.

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--Dr. H. L. Ackroyd 12:19, 9 Jun 2005 (EDT)

Thank you for the clarification! The fact that this two-headed justice has both a male and female head just won me a cool five quezloos. (I, nor my waging accomplice, certainly wasn't going to ask the Believer personally, I'll tell ya that much). --Morbus Iff 10:47, 13 Jun 2005 (EDT)

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