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See Anaximancer. The popular fame of Edvard von Craghelm is best summed up, in my opinion, in the following traditional ballad recorded in the Plain of Brahang:

Edvard von Craghelm came to town
Wearing a black and purple gown
With a blue-green cloak and a belt so red
And a midnight beret upon his head.
He entered the mart at the break of day
Waving the sellers and buyers away
And holding a staff so big and long
And singing his old von Craghelm song.
With a rand-a-keer
And a ho-de-veer
Edvard von Craghelm makes it appear!
He took the beret right off his head
And put his hand inside it instead
And took out so many wondrous things
Too good, they say, for the richest of kings.
He pulled out a ball all made of gold
And next came a Dagger Sea pirate so bold
That walked and talked, and brandished his sword
And hid his treasure inside his hoard.
And next he plucked right out of his hat
A brass-bound Aelfant, big and fat
And a darseed tree at the height of its bloom
And a full-sized Alezan grinding broom.
The magic beret it seemed to be done
But that wasn't all of von Craghelm's fun
He pulled out a whole pie from inside his cloak
And all of us laughed just to see the joke.
Edvard marched from vill to vill
With his magic hat he earned his fill
Though his hands were quick, his feet were small
And he never could manage to fool us all.
Edvard von Craghelm was walking one day
From Egron to Gibbon† he made his way
Across Umbo Moor toward Wentzel Fen
And then, and then, and then, and then ...
With a rand-a-keered
And a ho-de-veered
Edvard von Craghelm ... DISAPPEARED!

†Presumably Marsh Gibbon

Citations: Anaximancer, Plain of Brahang, Umbo Moor.

--Jcowan 01:09, 2 Oct 2004 (EDT)

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