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Ellensworth is a quaint little town, living in the shadow of Pelon peak, inside the Andelphracian River Valley. It is mainly known by three facts: its near destruction in -20 EC by its normally sleepy and friendly mountain (the Pelon peak), the fact that it has the largest production of Gruff fiction in all of Ghyll and its specially distinctive food. Other than that, it is pretty unremarkable. Howver, for the leisure traveler, it has many views worth seeing.


Historical significance of Ellensworth

There is no much going on in Ellensworth, really. I mean, its a quiet and nice town, what do you expect?

Local customs

There is an annual festival to commemorate the death of the fallen Ghyllians in the cataclysmical event of -20 EC, which is also used a ward to prevent aymilar event in the future than that. Other than that, there is nothing special about Ellensworth, at least in terms of customs. except when it comes to food really. But that is in the Food section.

Architecture in Ellensworth

This is where Ellensworth most shines: all of the house in this town are at the edge of the Andelphracian River, creating a spectacular variety of water transports, and delighting any present onlookers. Most houses are made from wood but some owners have ingeniousy used the stone found in the river and lava rock from the nearby Pelon peak.

Food in Ellensworth

As there are no fertile ground in the valley, Ghyllians have resorted to eat all that is slightly edible items found in the river. This has created a unique cuisine, well-known in all of Ghyll, as there is an infinite myriad of weeds, plants, animals. But it also contains the Mineral ingredients which are mainly responsible for the rich and salty taste of the food.

Leisure attractions

Most Ghyllians come to Ellensworth to take a short vacation and rest, as there is little to do. However, there are many views worth seeing: the daily recollection of food from the river is worth seeing, and eager travelers can even help the locals recollect the famous Mineral ingredients if they are (just to know how much time I have:--Mr. Stokes 22:50, 17 Jun 2005 (EDT))

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