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Situated in the northern regions of Ghyll with Alezan to its west, the Evesque Valley is the scene of much activity. The valley is geographically divided into three sections, upper, mid, and lower, and is mainly forested with occasional quayres and other open areas. The Cataract Road starts in the valley just south of the greatest major landmark, the Seven Lakes of Midevesque, where Andelphracia is said to have been born.

The inhabited regions of the valley are mainly farmed, though some routes and householdlets exist to farm sphoxolis trees plantations of which abound. Deathbugs are sometimes found in the areas surrounding the plantations and vineyards. Fefferberries also abound in the valley, and are used to produce the Andelphracian Lights for which the valley is perhaps most famous.

Historically, the valley is said to be the location of Fylesgate, and around -280 EC became the birthplace of the great poet Arariax. Baleman was located at the northern edge of the Evesque Valley until circa -75 EC. More recently, doggerel plague touched the southern parts in -11 EC, and aelfants are said to have left in the last fifty years as the valley has become more inhabited, though the tales of sightings are--as with almost all aelfant sightings--second hand.

Nowadays, its most famous resident is Baron Claude Lloyd Albert Smallwood who has a plantation and library there. There are enough inhabitants to form a fairly reputable Bindlet Ball team, the Evesque Warriors. Freege horns are often heard playing in the valley.

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--Sean B. Palmer 20:05, 8 Oct 2004 (EDT)

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