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The following notes were found on the back of certain potsherds reclaimed from the theoarchaeological investigation at the Battle of Barnum Stones site and brought to the Folktown Museum. They are scribbled hastily in an unknown (that is, actually unknown, not merely BORKed) but distinctively modern handwriting. A few obviously missing core script characters and accents have been restored in square brackets, or noted with question marks if they are not reconstructible. Italics represent underlining in the original. The code letters and numbers are those assigned to the individual potsherds by Museum staff.

A.26     If they felt g[u]ilty, they deserve[d] it.
A.44     placid island of ignorance in the m[idst]
A.64     Not a tribe, but a sect w[orship]ping forbi[dden]
B.18     I begin to dream of strange cities with stranger angle[s]
B.32     Honoring the dead? Pfui. White sorc[er][ors?|ery?]
B.35     Bull's pizzle? Rubbish!
B.37     killing done by black w[??? Rebroken shard]
B.43     Johansen island — find it, find it!
B.56     Daniel Mb. relevant?
C.33     [s]tars are not righ[t]
C.50     What is the nature of this so-called Gold?
C.63     Redthi[gh]s: savior of Ghyll as we know it?
D.15     Opoudeli[an] St.
D.33     [V]orpcaras must be discontin[ued]
D.35     7 + 7 + 3 + 3 = 20???!
E.25     vast, awesome, and incalculable age
E.52     [m]onolith 12 nanits tall
E.61     Aelfants?
E.65     Ritual "square": angles obtuse or acute?
F.60     Find out where the babies landed.
G.21     [Vo]rpcara replicas; are they really? Perhaps not so harmless.
G.57     waits and dreams in the dee[p]
H.34     S.B. Carsokian — Cranee Hist. Soc. — follow up!
H.35     [Clamor]xian Decoding Method — they are lying to u[s]
I.13     Remarkably "evil" in appeara[nce]
I.24     I know too much, and the Exingians sti[ll]
I.40     [t]ruth can now be tol[d]
I.82     shouting, killing, revel[l]ing in joy
J.30     [c]arthage, so ordinary, so
K.18     Try Balack [sic] Hall.
K.38     U-shaped ditch — investigate!!!
K.44     Alezanian ru[in[s?]]
K.49     [l]ine of se[e]ds: whose work?
K.54     lies about the Creato[r]
K.60     T.T. Hampher — Exingi[an]
K.82     Iä! Iä! Kilma na[???]htag[?]!

I do not profess to make much of this. The entry on shard A.44, however, is an excerpt from a maxim of Elmo "Phorrus" Quester's, which in full reads:

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live in a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.

Citations: Battle of Barnum Stones, Core script, Folktown Museum.

--John Cowan 13:38, 17 Jun 2005 (EDT)

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