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The diet of most Ghyllians consists of fruit, confections and the ubiquitous sugarsweets, with a smattering of meats such as the many-legged milicow and the soft-shelled lobs (for those with access to the sea). While the culinary creation of confections has risen to an arte practiced mainly by chefs, and the culling of animals and the raising of fruit belong respectively to ranchers and orcharders, the making of sugarsweets has continued to belong to all Ghyllians... specialized knowledge nor talent is needed, neither are registered lands nor special permits. As even the youngest of grubs knows well, all that is needed are leftovers and a spare corner.

Spitmounds are ubiquitous in Ghyllian society. Whether one is a grubling with an apple core or a matron with fruit peels, the custom has always been to toss it in an out-of-the-way spot and create a mound, or to add to an existing mound. Our villages, hamlets and towns are littered with these fermenting piles of sweet-smelling left-overs. The air is perfumed with their fragrance and all are invited to regurgitate any portion of a meal upon them, hastening the ripening and adding flavor.

Many, however, see Focused Farming as a threat to this universal habit and hobby.

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