Furious Apple

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The "Furious Apple" is the primary heraldic device of the royal family of Iganefta. While depictions vary widely, the official version as set forth in the ancient Heraldic Index of Lord Glosfordshier of Alezan is an image of a red apple with mouth open wide, showing teeth and tongue in a cry of rage, its eyes squinted shut or nearly so. Pictured is a rendering by the young page Tommy Tomkins.

The sign of the Furious Apple has a noble history. It has always been the sign most prominent on the standards of Iganeftan armies at all times, particularly during the Extraordinarily Bloodless Revolution, when the Iganeftan soldiers became known as Pickers(that is, apple-pickers). The name survives to this day, though it is now the name of the Iganeftan Bindlet Ball team.

Citizens of Iganefta are sometimes vulgarly referred to as "Applers".

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