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Gadsringer is NOT dead.

This is the current word of the Clubberspear House as spoken by spokesman Bellis Cruminwithe. This is the most recent word among many spanning both the time and the space of this most interesting figure of Ghyllin culture.

The life of Gadsringer Clubberspear has been defined in the eyes of many by DasMineGold, but his heritage encompasses activity both before and after said company. He is the fifth child of Kasteel Clubberspear and Miss Deona Hasal, and was born in the -120s EC (records either not having been kept or not being reported) in the village Shaun to the west of Marsh Gibbon. His childhood was spent playing in the dirt: digging it, shoveling it, even eating it in profoundly large quantities. His adolescent years (prior to his First Molting) were spent exploring the caves and burrows of the local area; his years after the Molt were spent exploring the local young maidens.

By the -100s EC, Gadsringer was known as a swinger and a spelunker. He was part of a group of young men known for being on the fringe of mobility (not always upward) and from this gang arose such associations as the Neighborhood Girls Watch, the Splik Club, and the Betters Cup. It was while he was a member of the Betters Cup, in -93 EC, that he made his life-changing bet.

Betting that he could create a mining company worth more than 1,000 quezloos, he began his quest to do just that. One year later, he set the charter for the DasMineGold mining company, began acquiring local holes and burrows, and held the first general meeting of the company only a few months later. More than this is difficult to report as release of details is still pending Bureau of Recovered Knowledge authorization. What is verifiably not unforgotten regained information is the fact that the prize acquisition for DasMineGold was and is the Azura Mines. Gadsringer remained as president until -42 EC.

Gadsringer's life post-presidency is also shrouded in yet-authorized regainness as well as the simple intrigues of a House not wanting its dirty laundry aired in public. What is definitely known is that he continued to dig. Dig, dig, dig; this is what took his time, indeed, what some say consumed him, in his later years. Rumors abound as to the reasons, as to what he may have discovered in the deep underground... or what may have discovered him.

He has long been known as a man with little common sense, but there are murmurs that perhaps he has lost more than just his sense in these latter years. Some say he has been searching for a way Down There, a way to reach down to the gods of the Supersubstantial Goo (for, they say, what else could the brown fluid be but a sign that the Goo does yet live!?!); others say he has a fear of the above, a terror of the dark gods of the Out There and so was digging a burrow as deep and as far away from Out There as possible. Many of these tales are intertwined with whispers that he has had intimate dealings with Godfroi Hasawithe, dealings involving the Charterhouse Collection.

Has Gadsringer performed arcane rituals to communicate with aspects of the Alezan pantheon? Has he moved to an under-basement below the plumbing access of the Collegium Civitas in sleepy Thopth? Does he hear the gurgles of ancient beings better left alone? The Clubberspear House denies any connection, any relation between their relation and these tales.

Much is the mystery surrounding this man, but one thing is certain: he hasn't been seen since -6 EC. Gadsringer is NOT dead. This is the current word, but unless the man himself speaks up, how are we to know if this is true?

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--Nikos of Ant 10:55, 30 Jun 2005 (EDT)

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