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When they're not working hard on the Ghyll Encyclopedia, the Ghyll scholars often turn their attention to the staff game known as Gerth. Played in Cunningham Hall in Folktown, Gerth is an "alternative collaborative lexicon" containing a fictional account of what the Ghyll scholars might be getting up to if they lived on a different planet. Essentially, Gerth is a planet whose whole surface has been explored and hence gives much room for creativity.

Gerthanoids are very unlike us in that they have only two mandibles, and non-compound eyes amongst many other rather disgusting abnormalities. They worship money, are oblivious to the immense couriering abilities of their "elephants", and generally get manipulated by their governments into reproducing on average two and a half children per mating couple compared to our single offspawns.

Gerth Scholar Activities

Morbus Iff is promoted from being a simple scholar to the supreme commander for an intercommunications company on the east coast of one of Gerth's largest countries, and has a love for fast girls, fast horror, and fast words. He runs Diffobey Industries--a large Gerth organisation dealing primarily in prophylactic slogans and Dave Winer harassment lawsuits. In his spare time, he runs the Bryll Wiki, an "online" lexicon game where its participants create an alternative world fuelled only by their imaginations. The inhabitants of Bryll are even working on their own lexicon in their spare time about a world called Plurth...

Dr. H. L. Ackroyd plays Dhaived, an unemployed writer of lumics, who gathers together a geographically diverse group of other frustrated lumic writers to hold confabulations which resemble poetry jams only less organized. Their creations are then published in a vast etheric telepathic medium so that they share in mutual admiration while laboring in obscurity. When he is not indulging his passion for wasting time he and his lovely wife Heythere enjoy cooking and mentally torturing their mamillian pet.

What does your Ghyllian scholar do in the world of Gerth?

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