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  • Ghoulwood violas are made from ghoulwood.
    • Ghoulwood is only available from dead and neglected wood.
    • Ghoulwood can be harvested from dead trees or ghost buildings.
    • Ghoulwood can be harvested, with difficulty, from forgotten furniture.
    • Wood devolves into ghoulwood devolves into wormwood.
  • Ghoulwood was discovered by Wilhelmina Corinne Bardway.
    • The violas were her creation, she being incensed by a strong Memory.
    • The Memory was found in a broken viola in a long ignored ghost town.
    • She repaired the viola, played it beautifully, and influenced an artform.
    • The violas are now well-known, but rare enough to look forward to.
  • Ghoulwood violas may rarely be possessed by Memories.
    • Memories can inspire or corrupt the current performance.
    • Strong Memories can "communicate" with an owner of long guardianship.
    • Memories are not intelligent, merely vestigial repetitions of the past.
    • Memories are perverted, turned aggressive, when wormwooding occurs.
  • The music of a ghoulwood instrument has three known side effects.

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--Morbus Iff 20:16, 29 Oct 2004 (EDT)

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