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'''Summary''': +0/-2; 3 entries.
<br />'''Missing Players''': [[User:Jcowan|John Cowan]], [[User:Sbp|Sean B. Palmer]].
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<table class="ghyllidx" style="padding-left:1em;width:92%;">

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The following is a list of all existing encyclopedia entries.
For entries not yet defined (phantoms), see Ghyll Phantom Index.
For every single page, entry or not, see Special:Allpages.

RoundStartedEndedStarted (EC)Ended (EC)EntriesScholars
Ghyll Index R1August 30th, 2004April 22nd, 20050/1/1 EC0/12/2819032
2 (in play; below)May 14th, 2005-1/1/1 EC---

Round 2 Spotlights

These are the Spotlights that appeared on the Main Page during Round 2, excluding the Encyclopedants Progress Reports, in order of appearance: Aerle, Affable Young Gentlemen, Alezan Script, Aliens Everywhere, Aminfarances, Antiquation, Apollzygojustapyxie, Arbuckle Hill, Badges, Banter Scarves, Baron James Horkmanifester, Body Bank, Boing, Boxing Day, Bump of the Night, Bureau of Recovered Knowledge, Careers, Carthage, Chez Smallwood, Clamorxian Decoding Method, Cornover Reflex Syndrome, Creator, Daniel Mboya, Dendel's Stripes, Djiknax Creation Manuscripts, Down There, Eirbrivian Sectors, Eixis Anos, Endlessly Rising Staircase Movement, EUPHORIA, Exingians, Exis of Whunn, Folktown, Gentinality, Gimlet, Graphorn, Grephthosthenes, Grupfish, HANDBAG, Ibaan Malmiz, Ibah Mahli, Iganefta-on-the-Sea, Iganefta Recorder, Jackie Tuckarando, Jarvik Jarvik, Jorvyll, Kan d'Aire, Kites d'Jeaux, Klokwerx, Kmuppens' Taxonomy, Lay public, Loremasters, Madam Calvian, Memoir, Misery Loves Company, Mureannor, Natural terrors, NeoPostAncientism, Obovox, Oregano Amber, Pricludious, Quentabulos, Quezlar 6, Quicksand, Recollectiball, Religious Right, Retrackets.

All Round Entries


Entries with an asterisk were Spotlights displayed on the Main Page.


Summary: +17 players; 17 entries.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Accents (Talk)-John Cowan2
Acineen (Talk)-Urik Orr2
Adlorst Vinifera (Talk)-DrBacchus1
Aelfants (Talk)-Qwentyth Pyre1
Aerle (Talk)-Morbus Iff2*
Affable Young Gentlemen (Talk)-Larj Zyquon2*
Agarttha (Talk)-Snafu Bohica2
Agony uncle (Talk)Sean B. PalmerMorbus Iff1*
Alarius (Talk)-Bartmoss1
Alezan (Talk)-Christopher Schmidt1
Alezan Script (Talk)Juzh IrukLankin the Mad Mage2*
Alezan pantheon (Talk)Fingest ArniaJuzh Iruk1
Alezanians (Talk)-Edward Shwarmph1
Aliens Everywhere (Talk)-Tobaine2*
Altoxian Bulb (Talk)-Makarii Spitignev1*
Aminfarances (Talk)Tamlin MoonNikos of Ant2*
Aminfarances Institute of Science and Technomancy (Talk)-Tamlin Moon1
Amphitheatre aristocracy (Talk)-Fingest Arnia1
Anaximancer (Talk)-Prothall1
Ancestral burial tableau (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydMr. Stokes2
Andelphracian Lights (Talk)-Sean B. Palmer1*
Anise Engine (Talk)-Doctor Phineas Crank1
Antiquation (Talk)-Joe Bowers2
Apollzygojustapyxie (Talk)Trousle UndrhilDfaran L'Eniarc2*
Aquentravalkeration (Talk)-John Cowan1*
Arandellion Moors (Talk)-Kalen Firth2
Arariax (Talk)-Melik Fizzuo1
Arbuckle Hill (Talk)Despicable ShimmyDr. H. L. Ackroyd2*
Army of Whunn (Talk)-Brother Arfrus2
Articulary Motion (Talk)-Trousle Undrhil2
AuroAnthropology (Talk)-Joe Bowers1*
Aurophylaxis (Talk)-Fausto Sorensen2
Avazian Box (Talk)-Eric Vitiello1
Awal shrinkage (Talk)-Ginestre1
Azura Mines (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankLady Aleksandra2


Summary: +2/-5 players; 14 entries.
Added Players: DrBacchus, Sean B. Palmer.
Missing Players: Fausto Sorensen, Lankin, Joe Bowers, Tobaine, Urik Orr.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Badges (Talk)-John Cowan2*
Baleman (Talk)-Christopher Schmidt1
Ball Lightning Liqueur (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankMorbus Iff1
Banter Scarves (Talk)-Dfaran L'Eniarc2*
Baron Claude Lloyd Albert Smallwood (Talk)DrBacchusDoctor Phineas Crank1
Baron James Horkmanifester (Talk)John CowanLarj Zyquon2*
Battle of Barnum Stones (Talk)-Ginestre1
Bavarian Creame (Talk)Morbus IffFingest Arnia1
Berell (Talk)-Araes Domandred1
Besq Boats (Talk)-Dok1
Bethany Mboya (Talk)-Talliesin1
Bethelanious Mist (Talk)-Trousle Undrhil2
Betrothal march (Talk)TalliesinDarus Ixa1
Bindlet Ball (Talk)-DrBacchus1*
Bindlet Banality (Talk)-Morbus Iff2
Black Hall (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydMr. Stokes2
Blasphemers' Crusade (Talk)-Snafu Bohica2
Blivingdel (Talk)John CowanBrother Arfrus2
Bobby Shwarmph (Talk)Edward ShwarmphBast ResNovae1
Body Bank (Talk)-Nikos of Ant2*
Bofu (Talk)-Tamlin Moon1
Boing (Talk)-Sean B. Palmer2*
Bordingbras his hatt! (Talk)GinestreJuzh Iruk1
Boxing Day (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankKalen Firth2*
Briorus Jan-Vanderschusen (Talk)Darus IxaDr. H. L. Ackroyd2
Brothers of the Lantern (Talk)Joe BowersJohn Cowan1*
Budgerigar Master (Talk)-Prothall1
Bump of the Night (Talk)Morbus IffLady Aleksandra2*
Bureau of Forgotten Knowledge (Talk)BartmossSean B. Palmer1*
Bureau of Recovered Knowledge (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydDrBacchus2*
Burnflies (Talk)Fingest ArniaJoe Bowers1
Bursine Calendar (Talk)-Qwentyth Pyre1*
Bute University (Talk)-Bartmoss1
Bysted Timperton (Talk)Sean B. PalmerMelik Fizzuo1


Summary: +2/-6 players; 10 entries.
Added Players: Dodaka, Theophenes.
Missing Players: DrBacchus, Kalen Firth, Larj Zyquon, Mr. Stokes, Sean B. Palmer, Snafu Bohica.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Cactus forests (Talk)-Prothall1
Cadaver, The (Talk)-Despicable Shimmy1
Calends Gala (Talk)-DrBacchus1
Captain Riquiras (Talk)DokTalliesin1
Careers (Talk)-John Cowan2*
Carsokian (Talk)Tamlin MoonDoctor Phineas Crank1*
Carthage (Talk)-Lady Aleksandra2*
Cartographer's Nerves (Talk)-Joe Bowers1*
Cataclysmatology (Talk)Joe BowersTrousle Undrhil2
Cataract Road (Talk)Joe BowersMorbus Iff1
Charterhouse Collection (Talk)-Bartmoss1
Chesix System Of Measures (Talk)-Dok1
Chez Smallwood (Talk)John CowanBrother Arfrus2*
Clamorxian Decoding Method (Talk)Juzh IrukDfaran L'Eniarc2*
Conflict That Is Not Happening (Talk)Morbus IffJohn Cowan1
Core script (Talk)John CowanDodaka2
Cornover Reflex Syndrome (Talk)Trousle UndrhilTheophenes2*
Corpse birth (Talk)-Morbus Iff2
Council for Quezlarian Research (Talk)Sean B. PalmerTamlin Moon1
Cranee Historical Society (Talk)Christopher SchmidtSean B. Palmer1*
Creator (Talk)John CowanDr. H. L. Ackroyd2*
Criminals (Talk)John CowanNikos of Ant2


Summary: +3/-4; 9 entries.
Added Players: Kalen Firth, Larj Zyquon, Sir Robert G. Head III.
Missing Players: Dodaka, Nikos of Ant, Theophenes, Trousle Undrhil.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Dagger Seas (Talk)TalliesinJoe Bowers1
Daniel Mboya (Talk)Morbus IffJohn Cowan2*
Darkened Lantern (Talk)DrBacchusTheophenes1x*
Darkships (Talk)Urik OrrBrother Arfrus2
Darseed (Talk)DrBacchusDoctor Phineas Crank1
DasMineGold (Talk)John CowanSir Robert G. Head III2
Day of Champions (Talk)DrBacchusDok1
Daydream Believer (Talk)Joe BowersDr. H. L. Ackroyd2
Deathbug (Talk)Melik FizzuoTamlin Moon1*
Deathood (Talk)Mr. Stokes Dfaran L'Eniarc2
Dendel's Stripes (Talk)Larj ZyquonKalen Firth2*
DermPachyges (Talk)Morbus IffDrBacchus1*
Djiknax Creation Manuscripts (Talk)Dfaran L'EniarcLady Aleksandra2*
Doc Rockett (Talk)Joe BowersJohn Cowan1
Doggerel plague (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankMorbus Iff1*
Double Headed Glass-Eaters (Talk)Lankin the Mad MageLarj Zyquon2
Down There (Talk)TobaineMorbus Iff2*
Dŵplat (Talk)-Sean B. Palmer1


Summary: +3/-3; 9 entries.
Added Players: Mr. Stokes, Nikos of Ant, Sean B. Palmer.
Missing Players: Dr. H. L. Ackroyd, Larj Zyquon, Sir Robert G. Head III.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Earthquake of Fluyr (Talk)Christopher SchmidtMorbus Iff2
EctoMechanauts (Talk)Joe BowersDoctor Phineas Crank1
Edvard von Craghelm (Talk)ProthallJohn Cowan1
Egron (Talk)Morbus IffJoe Bowers1
Eirbrivian Sectors (Talk)Dfaran L'EniarcSean B. Palmer2*
Eixis Anos (Talk)-Brother Arfrus2*
Ellensworth (Talk)Trousle UndrhilMr. Stokes2
Elminster Mire (Talk)-Morbus Iff1*
Endlessly Rising Staircase Movement (Talk)John CowanLady Aleksandra2*
EUPHORIA (Talk)TheophenesNikos of Ant2*
Events of Solitude (Talk)Christopher SchmidtKalen Firth2
Evesque Valley (Talk)Melik FizzuoSean B. Palmer1
Exingians (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankJohn Cowan2*
Exis of Whunn (Talk)Brother ArfrusDfaran L'Eniarc2*
Extraordinarily Bloodless Revolution (Talk)ProthallDok1


Summary: +1/-5; 5 entries.
Added Players: Joe Bowers.
Missing Players: Dfaran L'Eniarc, Kalen Firth, Lady Aleksandra, Mr. Stokes, Sean B. Palmer.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Fefferberry (Talk)Qwentyth PyreDoctor Phineas Crank1*
Fefferberry Folklore (Talk)DrBacchusMorbus Iff2
Fielding hut (Talk)Trousle UndrhilBrother Arfrus2
Fijjit Mejora (Talk)Christopher SchmidtMorbus Iff1*
Focused farming (Talk)Morbus IffNikos of Ant2
Folktown (Talk)John CowanJoe Bowers2*
Folktown Records (Talk)Morbus IffJohn Cowan1*
Forbidden Tom (Talk)Morbus IffJohn Cowan2
Frandos Wakami (Talk)DrBacchusDok1
Freege Horn (Talk)DokDrBacchus1
Furious Apple (Talk)-Prothall1


Summary: +4/-0; 9 entries.
Added Players: AaronSw, Dfaran L'Eniarc, Iain Lowe, Trousle Undrhil.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Gadsringer Clubberspear (Talk)Sir Robert G. Head IIINikos of Ant2
Gentinality (Talk)Larj ZyquonJohn Cowan2*
Ghoulwood viola (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankMorbus Iff1
Ghyllian excretion (Talk)John CowanTrousle Undrhil2
Ghyllian reproduction (Talk)Tamlin MoonDoctor Phineas Crank1*
Gimlet (Talk)John CowanBrother Arfrus2*
Godfroi Hasawithe (Talk)BartmossJohn Cowan1
Graphorn (Talk)DrBacchusJoe Bowers2*
Great Awakening (Talk)John CowanAaronSw2
Grephthosthenes (Talk)DrBacchusIain Lowe2*
Grimporke Grimoire (Talk)-Stottlemeyer O'Phelan1
Grommies (Talk)John CowanDok1
Gruff fiction (Talk)Morbus IffDarus Ixa1
Grupfish (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydDfaran L'Eniarc2*
Guerrilla warfare (Talk)Lady AleksandraMorbus Iff2
Gyll Hill (Talk)-Sean B. Palmer1


Summary: +2/-2; 9 entries.
Added Players: Celeste Theresa Worthinghood, Larj Zyquon.
Missing Players: AaronSw, Iain Lowe.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
HANDBAG (Talk)John CowanCeleste Theresa Worthinghood2*
Harrabloon Bank (Talk)-Dok1
Harv Gretborn (Talk)Darus IxaJohn Cowan1*
Hattie's Day (Talk)-Sean B. Palmer1
Heh-blammo balance (Talk)John CowanDrBacchus1*
Hemoss The Heretic (Talk)-Morbus Iff2
Hermeneutics (Talk)John CowanJoe Bowers2
Hive-Lord (Talk)Qwentyth PyreMorbus Iff1
Hoopkah (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydStottlemeyer O'Phelan1
Hopdurg (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydNikos of Ant2
Horreld blade (Talk)Brother ArfrusLarj Zyquon2
Horses (Talk)-John Cowan2
Houvers (Talk)Despicable ShimmyDoctor Phineas Crank1*
Howzingery (Talk)-Dfaran L'Eniarc2
Hungfold (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydBrother Arfrus2
Hythmium (Talk)Leonard J. KeatingsTrousle Undrhil2


Summary: +1/-2; 7 entries.
Added Players: Lady Aleksandra.
Missing Players: Celeste Theresa Worthinghood, Joe Bowers, Larj Zyquon.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
I fear I cannot hear, my dear (Talk)Lady AleksandraMorbus Iff2
Iain Underholm Smallwood (Talk)DokJohn Cowan1
Ibaan Malmiz (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydJohn Cowan2*
Ibah Mahli (Talk)Nikos of AntDfaran L'Eniarc2*
Ickle (Talk)-Morbus Iff1
Iganefta (Talk)Makarii SpitignevDoctor Phineas Crank1*
Iganefta-on-the-Sea (Talk)-Nikos of Ant2*
Iganefta Recorder (Talk)Morbus IffLady Aleksandra2*
Ignatius Maximillian Albertus Crank (Talk)Morbus IffSean B. Palmer1*
Intellectuals' Conspiracy (Talk)Dfaran L'EniarcBrother Arfrus2
Irictus Ross (Talk)Leonard J. KeatingsTrousle Undrhil2


Summary: +0/-1; 6 entries.
Missing Players: Nikos of Ant.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Jackie Tuckarando (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankMorbus Iff2*
Jarvik Jarvik (Talk)Joe BowersLady Aleksandra2*
Jemima and the Square Do-Gooders (Talk)-Sean B. Palmer1
Jesper's constant (Talk)GinestreTrousle Undrhil2
Jimmy Cashews (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankJohn Cowan2
Jinkees (Talk)Trousle UndrhilDfaran L'Eniarc2
Johnny Lightning (Talk)-Doctor Phineas Crank1*
Jorvyll (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydBrother Arfrus2*
Justice Device (Talk)Joe BowersMorbus Iff1*


Summary: +2/-1; 7 entries.
Added Players: Nikos of Ant, Vladimir the 16th.
Missing Players: John Cowan.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Kan d'Aire (Talk)-Trousle Undrhil2*
Karcist League (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankMorbus Iff1
Kebonston Lefkrane (Talk)DrBacchusVladimir the 16th2
Kebro-shepenor (Talk)-DrBacchus1
Keglacians (Talk)-Dr. H.L. Ackroyd1
Kiluma (Talk)Morbus IffDoctor Phineas Crank1
King Harandraff the Great (Talk)BartmossSean B. Palmer1*
Kites d'Jeaux (Talk)Nikos of AntBrother Arfrus2*
Klokwerx (Talk)-Nikos of Ant2*
Kmuppens' Taxonomy (Talk)Larj ZyquonLady Aleksandra2*
Knackerbats (Talk)-Dfaran L'Eniarc2
Kortayal Trading Expedition (Talk)Kalen FirthMorbus Iff2
Kreem Pye (Talk)DokJohn Cowan1


Summary: +1/-2; 6 entries.
Added Players: John Cowan.
Missing Players: Nikos of Ant, Vladimir the 16th.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Lake Crimin (Talk)Nikos of AntMorbus Iff2
Lane Smallwood (Talk)-Christopher Schmidt1
Last witness (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydTrousle Undrhil2
Laxicon (Talk)-Sean B. Palmer1
Lay public (Talk)Lady AleksandraJohn Cowan2*
Lemming pie (Talk)Lady AleksandraDfaran L'Eniarc2
Lightning Gun (Talk)-Doctor Phineas Crank1
Llysver the Doomed (Talk)Vladimir the 16thBrother Arfrus2
Looliers (Talk)Stottlemeyer O'PhelanDr. H.L. Ackroyd1*
Lord Glosfordshier (Talk)ProthallJohn Cowan1*
Loremasters (Talk)Snafu BohicaLady Aleksandra2*
Luminous manuscript (Talk)TalliesinMorbus Iff1


Summary: +1/-1; 6 entries.
Added Players: Nikos of Ant.
Missing Players: Trousle Undrhil.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
M'Kev D'wal (Talk)DrBacchusMorbus Iff1
Madam Calvian (Talk)John CowanNikos of Ant2*
Meldersen (Talk)Morbus IffJohn Cowan1
Memoir (Talk)John CowanMorbus Iff2*
Misery Loves Company (Talk)Morbus IffLady Aleksandra2*
Modern Standard Ghyllian (Talk)BartmossDoctor Phineas Crank1
Momfrex Resgrew (Talk)DrBacchusDfaran L'Eniarc2
Monotapute House (Talk)Brother ArfrusJohn Cowan2
Mother Mutton's Golden Books (Talk)Joe BowersMorbus Iff1x
Mount Yurch (Talk)DokDrBacchus1*
Mureannor (Talk)clsnBrother Arfrus2*
Mute Chukarandos (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankDr. H.L. Ackroyd1*


Summary: +0/-1; 5 entries.
Missing Players: Lady Aleksandra.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Naps (Talk)-Morbus Iff2
Natural terrors (Talk)-Brother Arfrus2*
NeoAlezanians (Talk)-Dr. H. L. Ackroyd1
NeoPostAncientism (Talk)Lady AleksandraDfaran L'Eniarc2*
Nesting (Talk)-John Cowan1*
New Year's Day (Talk)-Morbus Iff1
Night of Cloaks and Daggers (Talk)BartmossDoctor Phineas Crank1*
Nitenmangrey (Talk)John CowanDrBacchus1
Not Peershakes (Talk)Dfaran L'EniarcNikos of Ant2
Notary public (Talk)-John Cowan2


Summary: +0/-1; 4 entries.
Missing Players: John Cowan.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Obovox (Talk)clsnBrother Arfrus2*
Occultologists (Talk)Juzh IrukDoctor Phineas Crank1
Odgar IV (Talk)ProthallDrBacchus1
Odlucian Library (Talk)ProthallDr. H. L. Ackroyd1*
Office of Knowledge About Things (Talk)Christopher SchmidtMorbus Iff1
Olaff Devork (Talk)DokSean B. Palmer1
Old hat (Talk)Morbus IffDfaran L'Eniarc2
Opoudelian Starker (Talk)-John Cowan1*
Order of Mnerr (Talk)Brother ArfrusMorbus Iff2
Order of Truth (Talk)DokChristopher Schmidt1
Oregano Amber (Talk)John CowanNikos of Ant2*


Summary: +1/-1; 4 entries.
Added Players: Dodaka II.
Missing Players: Dfaran L'Eniarc.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
P'Jubal (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankMorbus Iff2
Paramount Queen (Talk)Qwentyth PyreJohn Cowan1x*
Phaelros (Talk)DrBacchusJohn Cowan1*
Pickers (Talk)Prothallclsn1*
Pinky (Talk)Morbus IffSean B. Palmer1
Plain of Brahang (Talk)John CowanDr. H. L. Ackroyd1
Po Mountain (Talk)DrBacchusMorbus Iff1
Ponce Gardening (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydNikos of Ant2
Pricludious (Talk)DokDodaka II2*
Pyxie (Talk)Qwentyth PyreDoctor Phineas Crank1
Pziqq trees (Talk)TheophenesBrother Arfrus2


Summary: +3/-1; 6 entries.
Added Players: John Cowan, Lankin the Mad Mage, Sean B. Palmer.
Missing Players: Dodaka II.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Qane (Talk)-Nikos of Ant2
Qestarine miasma (Talk)-Brother Arfrus2
Qestarius River (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydMorbus Iff1
Quentabulos (Talk)-Lankin the Mad Mage2*
Quester and Phorrus (Talk)Sean B. PalmerJohn Cowan1*
Quezlar 6 (Talk)Morbus IffSean B. Palmer2*
Quezlar family (Talk)Tamlin MoonDrBacchus1
Quezlarian Numerals (Talk)-Sean B. Palmer0
Quezlarian Ooo (Talk)Tamlin MoonDoctor Phineas Crank1
Quicksand (Talk)-Morbus Iff2*
Quidnunc (Talk)-John Cowan2
Quiver'n'bend (Talk)John CowanSean B. Palmer1*
Qulirian Energy Converter (Talk)-Darus Ixa1


Summary: +1/-2; 5 entries.
Added Players: Dfaran L'Eniarc.
Missing Players: Lankin the Mad Mage, Nikos of Ant.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Raking (Talk)GinestreDr. H. L. Ackroyd1*
Rancticirchiretic (Talk)John CowanSean B. Palmer1
Rater Goldfish (Talk)DrBacchusDoctor Phineas Crank1
Rattallan (Talk)Kalen FirthBrother Arfrus2
Recollectiball (Talk)Morbus IffSean B. Palmer2*
Regurgitation Revels (Talk)Nikos of AntDfaran L'Eniarc2
Religious Right (Talk)Morbus IffJohn Cowan2*
Rejah (Talk)Araes DomandredJohn Cowan1
Retrackets (Talk)Brother ArfrusMorbus Iff2*
Rich Earth Cactus (Talk)BartmossMorbus Iff1*
Rod of Quiends (Talk)Dokclsn1*


Summary: +0/-2; 3 entries.
Missing Players: John Cowan, Sean B. Palmer.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Sarfelogian Mountains (Talk)DrBacchusDr. H. L. Ackroyd1
Shepenor (Talk)DrBacchusJohn Cowan1
Snotgun (Talk)John CowanDoctor Phineas Crank1
Soft spot (Talk)Morbus IffDfaran L'Eniarc2
Songs of Odgar The Fourth (Talk)DrBacchusSean B. Palmer1*
Speedish Chefs (Talk)Tamlin MoonDr. H. L. Ackroyd1*
Spelgof (Talk) GinestreDoctor Phineas Crank1
Sphoxolis Trees (Talk)DokMorbus Iff1
Splak (Talk)Tamlin MoonJohn Cowan1*
Stindersgrough (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydSean B. Palmer1*
Stone of Wisdom (Talk)Stottlemeyer O'PhelanDrBacchus1
Supranatural luminescence meter (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankBrother Arfrus2
Suspension (Talk)John CowanMorbus Iff2
Systematic Epistemological Action (Talk)Joe BowersMorbus Iff1



Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Tarkherk Corps (Talk)Bast ResNovaeMorbus Iff1
Theoalchemy (Talk)Juzh IrukLeonard J. Keatings1
Theoarcheology (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydJohn Cowan1*
Threel (Talk)DokDr. H. L. Ackroyd1
Timperton Clocktower (Talk)BartmossDr. H. L. Ackroyd1
Toilet training (Talk)John CowanDoctor Phineas Crank1
TransAvian (Talk)DrBacchusJohn Cowan1
True Tales of the World (Talk)DokLeonard J. Keatings1
Tuckarando (Talk)Dr. H. L. AckroydDoctor Phineas Crank1*



Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Umbo Moor (Talk)John CowanDoctor Phineas Crank1
Underuse (Talk)-Morbus Iff1*
Undivaggen (Talk)Fingest ArniaJohn Cowan1*
Unquisition (Talk)Joe BowersLeonard J. Keatings1



Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Varlansk (Talk)DrBacchusLeonard J. Keatings1
Vemish (Talk)John CowanMorbus Iff1*
Vlorm (Talk)DrBacchusDoctor Phineas Crank1
Vorpcara (Talk)Christopher SchmidtDr. H. L. Ackroyd1*
Vulcrue (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankJohn Cowan1*



Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Wadjidir (Talk)DokJohn Cowan1*
Whostley (Talk)DrBacchusDr. H. L. Ackroyd1
Winelust Syrup (Talk)Tamlin MoonMorbus Iff1
Wormwood (Talk)Morbus IffDoctor Phineas Crank1



Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Xlardamnf (Talk)DrBacchusDoctor Phineas Crank1
Xurient (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankDr. H. L. Ackroyd1
Darkened Lantern (Talk)DrBacchusTheophenes1x*
Mother Mutton's Golden Books (Talk)Joe BowersMorbus Iff1x
Paramount Queen (Talk)Qwentyth PyreJohn Cowan1x*



Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Yanking (Talk)-John Cowan1*
Yarding (Talk)-Doctor Phineas Crank1*
Yesticale worms (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankMorbus Iff1
York of Brahang (Talk)John CowanLeonard J. Keatings1



Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byR
Zaprosingfrink Gallery (Talk)-Dr. H. L. Ackroyd1
Zed Varren (Talk)Leonard J. KeatingsDoctor Phineas Crank1*
Zhur Fruit (Talk)-Theophenes1
Ziggurat Scrolls (Talk)-Lady Aleksandra1*
Zodiacal twins (Talk)-Lankin the Mad Mage1*
Zot, The (Talk)-Finna Sunderhorn1*
Zygotic Dermatosis (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankTrousle Undrhil1*
Zymenadang (Talk)Doctor Phineas CrankJohn Cowan1*
Zyrgian Asylum (Talk)TheophenesMorbus Iff1
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