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The following is a list of all encyclopedia entries, who originally phantomed them, and the entry author.
As a player, don't worry about maintaining this list - the admins can take care of it if you forget.


Entry NamePhantomed byDefined byNotes
AlezanChristopher Schmidt
Andelphracian Lights-Sean B. Palmer-
Agony uncleSean B. PalmerMorbus IffOriginal test phantom.
Alezan-Christopher Schmidt-
Bavarian CreameMorbus Iff--
Bysted TimpertonSean B. Palmer--
Council for Quezlarian ResearchSean B. Palmer-Original test phantom.
Cranee Historical SocietyChristopher Schmidt--
Folktown RecordsMorbus Iff--
Quester and PhorrusSean B. Palmer--
Quezlarian numerals-Sean B. PalmerOriginal test entry.
vorpcaraChristopher Schmidt--
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