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The following is a list of all encyclopedia entries, who originally phantomed them, and the entry author.
As a player, don't worry about maintaining this list - the admins can take care of it if you forget.

Phantom Entries

These are entries yet to be defined. You can also see phantoms sorted by number of citations.

Entry NamePhantomed by
Alezan pantheonFingest Arnia
Aliens EverywhereEdward Shwarmph
AminfarancesTamlin Moon
Bavarian CreameMorbus Iff
Bobby ShwarmphEdward Shwarmph
Brothers of the LanternJoe Bowers
Bureau of Forgotten KnowledgeBartmoss
BurnfliesFingest Arnia
Bysted TimpertonSean B. Palmer
Council for Quezlarian ResearchSean B. Palmer
Cranee Historical SocietyChristopher Schmidt
DeathbugMelik Fizzou
Evesque ValleyMelik Fizzou
FefferberryQwentyth Pyre
Folktown RecordsMorbus Iff
Entry NamePhantomed by
IganeftaMakarii Spitignev
Jesper's ConstantGinestre
NanitEric Vitiello
NitanmangreyJohn Cowan
Palace of Lost SoulsBartmoss
Professor AltoxianMakarii Spitignev
PyxieQwentyth Pyre
Quester and PhorrusSean B. Palmer
SplakTamlin Moon
SupetupheraraphesJohn Cowan
Third Avazian WarEric Vitiello
UnquisitionJoe Bowers
VorpcaraChristopher Schmidt

Encyclopedia Entries

These entries have been defined.

Entry NamePhantomed byDefined by
Aelfants-Qwentyth Pyre
Agony uncleSean B. PalmerMorbus Iff
Alezan-Christopher Schmidt
Alezanians-Edward Shwarmph
Altox bulb-Makarii Spitignev
Aminfarances Institute of Science and Technomancy-Tamlin Moon
Amphitheatre aristocracy-Fingest Arnia
Andelphracian Lights-Sean B. Palmer
Aquentravalkeration-John Cowan
Arariax-Melik Fizzou
AuroAnthropology-Joe Bowers
Avazian Box-Eric Vitiello
Awal shrinkage-Ginestre
Quezlarian numerals-Sean B. Palmer
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