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Gimlet is a play written about -167 EC by M. Peershakes (b. -204 EC, d. -152 EC). In his day, Peershakes was a noted scribbler and versifier. Productions of Gimlet are a perennial favorite among the Amphitheatre aristocracy and numerous famous stage actors have played the part of the title character. Since a full production of the play takes almost six hours, there are many abriged versions which are more commonly presented.

Gimlet was first presented at the Folktown Amphitheatre in -166 EC by the Third Horse Grenadiers, one of the finest troupes of players in the history of theater. Peershakes was a member of this company, and had already written almost a dozen other minor plays for them, many of them simple extrapolations of wive's tales. Gimlet was an immediate hit, and was performed no less than thirty times in the following year.

The story of Gimlet is an appealing farce. Gimlet is a young prince of Iganefta-on-the-Sea. Through an amazing series of coincidences, he finds himself in one predicament after another, and he goes through a series of screwball adventures with his two pals, Rocky and Guido. Their adventures include acting out a play for the king, playing hide-and-daggers, and cleaning their ears. In its day, it was a scandal for purportedly revealing secrets of the "Skull and Clown Society" at Bute University. But there is little real information about the organization in the play.

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--Brother Arfrus 12:05, 1 Jul 2005 (EDT)

But there is little real information about the organization in the play. And you know this how, Brother A? --John Cowan 00:39, 9 Jul 2005 (EDT)

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