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The Grommie name was first recorded in Iganefta in -153 EC. The family that currently owns the Iganefta Recorder acquired the paper in -93 EC after duel between Daffid Grommie ( -116 EC to -41 EC) and the paper’s founder Thoedore Aspic.

Daffid Grommie had a natural affinity for owning a news paper and turned the Iganefta Recorder into the leading new journal of the region. Daffid was also a ruthless business man and made more enemies than friends in his years as the owner. Daffid formed Grommetia Limited, a family company that now owns the Iganefta Recorder amongst many other investments.

When Daffid died in -41 EC, control of the paper and family company was assumed by his youngest son Rikkard Grommie ( -80 EC to -8 EC). Having spent the previous 39 years being trained by his father, Rikkard proved to be just as astue, ruthless and cunning. During his reign over the business, Rikkard added many new operations including a chain of casinos, a theme park and entertainment halls.

Rikkard was also more adept at using his paper to influence public opinion. With this came extreme influence in the halls of government. Rikkard never missed an opportunity to share his opinions and ideas with whomever was in government at the time. This has become a standing joke amongst the citizens of Iganefta with many suggesting that the Grommies ought to have an office in the Town Hall. In -36 EC, Rikkard was involved in a bet with the then owner of the Folktown Records, Indigo Huac over the result of that year’s Bindlet Ball final. Indigo Huac lost and as a result was required to run front page advertisements for the Iganefta Recorder for a whole month. Despite a lack of evidence, many have since assumed that the Huacs and the Grommies are hated enemies as a result of the bet.

Upon Rikkard’s death, control of the business and the news paper passed to the current patriarch, Thureau Grommie who was born in -52 EC. Thureau has benefited from the accumulated business and political learnigns of two previous generations. As such, he has become the most powerful person in Iganefta. His influence within the government is almost total and his ability to manipulate public opinion is so great that people are generally ignorant about the level of influence the Grommies now have.

A little known fact is that Daffid Grommie had a sister, Izzimae Grommie (-120 EC to -36 EC) and that in -98 EC she was the first person to climb Mount Yurch which is about 1200 lele west of Iganefta. Izzimae Grommie went on to join the Order of Truth and became its Supreme Omigod in -71 EC.

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