Intellectuals' Conspiracy

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The paranoid notion that anyone who can carve a glyph is involved in some kind of secret conspiracy against the unlettered is termed the Intellectuals' Conspiracy. It has been promulgated for years, and ascribes all kind of dire and shadowy motives to all sorts of activities.

Fuldermox was the first proponent of such paranoia to use the term to identify the forces he perceived as being out to get him. He managed to write an almost completely incoherent book, Scribbles I Made During My Great Awakening, before devoting his energies to trying to assemble a complete map of the conspiracy.

Notions of cryptic stealth-guilds have been a part of history back to the Nitenmangrey period. Various mysterious powers were ascribed to the Budgerigar Masters as far back as 2000 years ago. In the current incarnations of this foolishness, theorists suggest that the Deathood are deeply involved in orchestrating all manner of affairs. Even the Order of Mnerr has been accused of being complicit in the Intellectuals' Conspiracy. Although the Order is, in fact, one of contemplation, study and arborism, because the Order is closed to outsiders. Serious scholars discount these notions, as there is no direct evidence of conspiracy.

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--Brother Arfrus 16:35, 22 Jul 2005 (EDT)

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