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Jesper's constant is actually an incomplete phrase which, due to it's incompleteness, was assumed to be mathematical in nature. In reality, the complete phrase is as follows:

"Jesper's constant nagging keeps me up all night long."

This quote is from Jesper Mirnle's wife. It was assumed that she became quite tired of listening to him nag and she started complaining about it to everyone who would listen. Well, someone wasn't listening too closely and all they heard was Jesper's constant long and, being a mathematically inclined scholar, decided Jesper's constant was the answer to some age-old question in regards to Awal Shrinkage.

Therefore, Jesper's constant was actually created by Geoge Gjiosin. There is little else known about him, except that his studies in Awal shrinkage pre-date any other known studies, having taken place in -506 EC and then again in -499 EC. The only other thing known about him is that he frequently visited what is now known as Lake Crimin, so he might have been a criminal for all we know.

In the light of the previous statements, the fact that Jesper's constant *does* apply in the study of various things shrinking could make one wonder if Jesper's marriage was shrinking when his wife made the statement, mentioned previously.

Citations: Awal shrinkage, criminal, Geoge Gjiosin

--Trousle Undrhil 21:55, 26 Jul 2005 (EDT)

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