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Having lived in Folktown for most of her life, Kan d'Aire wasn't really aware of the way the rest of the world saw her kind. She had been born in a hut near Lake Crimin in -320 EC and her family moved to Folktown shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, there are no other d'Aire families, so once she died, her family name disappeared. Normally, this would not matter since there are always ways of reviving an expired family name but, in this case, the Court of Folktown had been trying to get rid of the d'Aire family name for many generations. Why this is can only be left up to speculation; none of the official records give a reason.

On the order of P.C., we abolish the name of d'Aire

This snippet of a case filing is all that has been found; the rest of the record has not been located. We do know what Kan d'Aire did with her life, but not much of it is wholly remarkable:

  • In -300 EC, she became a member of the Church of Hythmium.
  • In -297 EC, she left the church to find her own way.
  • In -270 EC, she was killed accidentally when her dwelling became engulfed in flames.
  • In -269 EC, she became the only known Ghyllian to cease being dead for any period of time.
  • In -268 EC, she was killed (again) when her dwelling was pushed into a nearby lake.
  • In -266 EC, her body was burned to make sure she didn't cease being dead again.

Of some note here, Kan d'Aire was related in some way to Thou Greatly Heeded and was known to study at the Color and Noise Foundation in Folktown. Her relationship to Thou Greatly Heeded is unknown at the moment; however, she was a direct descendant of some guy who claimed to have lived on an island in the middle of Lake Crimin. The truth of this statement is elusive since no one has bothered to chart Lake Crimin to find out if any islands exist therein.

Citations: Folktown, Lake Crimin, Thou Greatly Heeded.

--Trousle Undrhil 00:27, 5 Aug 2005 (EDT)

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