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From the community bulletin board outside Folktown Council Hall:

Lumics I'm Trading or Selling

  • All-Berry Squandron
    • #13: 50 ooos (good fruity concoctions)
  • Fijjit Mejora: Against All Odds
  • KLA (Karcist League Adventures, Volume III)
  • The Leadgion (-3 EC to the present)
    • #7: 100 ooos (horrible story, good pictures)
  • The New Karcist League (first series)
    • #9: 2 truqs (very fine condition)
  • Saucy Doggerel Thing (not for children)

Lumics I'm Looking For

  • The "Hattie's Day" Reader
    • "Section Two: What It Means To You"
  • Karcist Come (best. lumic. EVAH!)
    • #5 (stupid pet burnfly lit it on fire)
    • #12 (I'm missing this issue of "Aelfants Attack!")
  • SuperLord and the Legion of Hivettes
    • #229: (Salisbury gets randy in this one?)
    • #235: (The One Where Phoebe Sings "Smelly Hatt")
    • #255: (mine was ripped up by my mother!!!!!!!)

Empirical evidence has suggest this was posted by the late Daniel Mboya, abusing his age to buy and sell lumics more mature than his mentality or his fellow patrons. His parents have not yet come forward to confirm this suspicion, but they seemed aghast at the material being "trafficked in broad daylight".

Citations: Anise Engine, Folktown Council Hall, Third Avazian War.

--Morbus Iff 11:45, 26 Nov 2004 (EST)

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