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The Kreem Pye is at once a weapon and a party trick. When the lid is removed, the vapors aspirated from the Pye immediately cause everyone in the area (except those wearing nose plugs) to helplessly collapse with hysterical laughter. When using it as a party trick, the wielder usually omits the nose plugs so that she or he can join in the amusement; when using it to attack a prepared position or to commit a daring burglary, of course use of the plugs is mandatory.

Kreem Pyes are made from a combination of Odlucian whiskey, horse-apples, and essence of tristero, in the ratio 15:10:75 respectively. Although the individual discoverer of this most-effective ratio is not recorded, the discovery certainly dates back to the Nitenmangrey, if not earlier.

Pyes were used on a large scale during the Extraordinarily Bloodless Revolution.

Citations: Extraordinarily Bloodless Revolution, Nitenmangrey, Tristero.

--John Cowan 22:32, 20 Nov 2004 (EST)

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