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There was more than one laxicon, and that there was the name for two reasons. That is to say: this: that laxicon, the word, is a pun. For the people who created them were lax in their dispositionalities, and hence created lexicons which were, as may be quite easily guessed, lax. Also, they were funded in part by the laxitive companies. Many of the laxicons focussed on food produce that would create constipative effects, such that it may goad the readers into eating said produce and that, in time, they may come to have to procure for themselves a laxitive. Who would they turn to? Why, the company that does the most advertising of course! The laxicons' sponsors. Oh yes.

It would be as well to mention, in the making of a great anthologious compendia, ...

Citations: Ignaeftan Spiggot, Odlucian Spiggot, Some Other Spiggot.

--Sean B. Palmer 12:03, 2 Dec 2004 (EST)

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