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Lemming pie, that most delicious of dishes, is a favored dessert item of any young Ghyllian. How many of you remember your mother's succulent homemade lemming pie? I know I do. This wonderful confection has had a long and noble history, and will probably remain beloved for as long as the carthage supplies last.


It seems like everyone has their own recipe for lemming pie. One of the most well known is that of BOFK President Blivingdel, who is famous for including Adlorst Vinifera in his pies.

Other commonly added ingredients include vornalts, fefferberries, darseeds and - a personal favorite - blue or green tippery nut milk. In any case, it isn't a true lemming pie unless it contains carthage, wheat flour and (of course) lemming. Beyond that, anything edible can be added, and in doing research for this article, I did stumble across some very... uh, adventurous combinations. The Gyp are also very well known for their superb lemming pie.

In History

The lemming pie was invented around -250 EC, although there have been some fossilized pie samples discovered that have been dated as early as -3600 EC. It is not yet certain whether these samples are of lemming pie, or some other, lesser type. It is known that lemming pie was an extremely important factor in the Carthage Wars of -145 EC. They were also used for smuggling EctoMechanauts parts during the conflicts of -24 EC and -19 EC.

In art history, lemming pies are most famous for their use in the play "A Comedie of People Beinge Hit In The Face by Pie", which was, in this scholar's opinion, not written by Peershakes.


Lemming pie is becoming a limited commodity as supplies of carthage dwindle. Prices of freshly baked pie rise constantly, and more and more often you can meet children who haven't ever had a taste of lemming pie. Depressing, I know, but there you have it. The Speedish Chefs, at least, are pleased. We must all hope that a way of producing carthage is soon found, before that most highly esteemed of desserts is forgotten forever.

Citations: Carthage, Not Peershakes, Vornalt.

--Dfaran L'Eniarc 02:38, 12 Aug 2005 (EDT)

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