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Momfrex Resgrew, or "Chinchilla" to his friends, was one of the most notable sages of his time, and it is thanks to him that we have the Resgrewian method of debate. (Not to be confused with the Pobellian Debates, which were a specific set of debates that unsuccessfully attempted to utilize Resgrew's debatory method, among other things.)

Momfrex was also, supposedly, a Hive-Lord, although there is some debate over whether this is true or he was merely pretending, and is known to have been the second inventor of the Trundle Cart.

Located 120 lele west of Iganefta, Mount Yurch is the ultimate Ghyllian challenge to mountaineers. For centuries, it defied climbers, claiming dozens of lives, including that of the (at the time) famous sage, Momfrex "Chinchilla" Resgrew. It was first successfully scaled in -98 EC by Izzimae Grommie, sister of Daffid Grommie. Izzimae later rose to the position of Supreme Omigod of the Order of Truth, largely on the publicity of her book "Lurch up Yurch."

Every famous name in Ghyllian history has had at least one appearance in the magazine. Recent articles contain new theories about the death of Daniel Mboya (see "Folktown Records: News Organization, or Murder Organization?") and tales of Momfrex Resgrew (see "Mount Yurch is Really a Secret Alien Base and Momfrex Resgrew's Disappearance can Prove it"). Considered by most as pure trash, True Tales of the World can be useful if one needs a good laugh.

Invented Trundle Cart

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