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Momfrex Resgrew, or "Chinchilla" to his friends, was one of the most notable sages of his time. It was he who contributed the Resgrewian method of debate to society. (Not to be confused with the Pobellian Debates, which were a specific set of debates that unsuccessfully attempted to utilize Resgrew's debatory method, among other things.) Momfrex was also, supposedly, a Hive-Lord, although it is uncertain if this is true or if he was merely pretending, and he is known to have been the second inventor of the Trundle cart.

Resgrew is best known, however, for his lifelong love of Mount Yurch. Born in its shadow in -175 EC, Resgrew grew up in nearby Iganefta hearing legends of the mysteries that supposedly awaited whoever could fnally reach its peak, and although he attempted several times in his youth to make the journey himself, he always got cold feet halfway up and abandoned the atttempt. He did, however, spend a great deal of time wandering its lower slopes. In his later years, he built a small cabin on the lowest slopes of the mountain where he lived by himself. During this part of his life, he became more and more reclusive. It was at this time that he wrote his famous book, My Perch on Yurch, in which he extolled the values of living in solitude with nature, and - in the longer, second part - of always waiting a half hour between eating and using a Scuttleway. It is because of this second part that the work is banned in most schools and libraries.

At the ripe old age of 77, after 20 years of complete isolation from external society, Momfrex Resgrew left his cabin for what was to be the last time and attempted to fulfil his lifelong dream of being the first to reach the peak of Mount Yurch. By this time, most people had thought him dead, and were more than a little surprised to see his wizened frame stumbling up the path that marked the beginning of the mountain's eastern route.

Sadly, the old man was never seen again. Only a month later, Izzimae Grommie fulfilled Resgrew's dream and became the first person to successfully reach the very top of the mountain. Momfrex's body was never found, and some say that he is still out there, wandering around the craggy peak, and living a life of perfect solitude. Other people say that the mountain is really a secret alien base and that the aliens abducted him when he learned too much about them, which is, perhaps, slightly more likely. Then again, perhaps not.

Momfrex's cabin is now the Mount Yurch Rescue Society headquarters and gift shop.

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