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Monotapute House is a building at Bute University which serves as the home of the Monotapute Society, one of the three secret societies of students at Bute. The building itself is of no historical or architectural interest. The society, however, is.

The Monotapute Society was founded in about -177 EC by two disaffected Bute students who had been kept out of the secret societies of the day. It is known by many names, including The Order of Death, The Order, The Eulogian Club, and Lodge 322. The members are referred to accordingly. The current membership roster of the Monotapute Society is of course unknown to the public, and its activities as well; at least occasionally these have been criminal in nature. As of 1 EC it had publicly reported assets of approximately 400,000 quezloos.

Those who have broken into Monotapute House (as well as certain members who are alienated from the Society) describe many Xuriental pictures and themes on the walls, and many Xuriental words in daily use by the members. As a result, some people claim that the Society is a mere chapter of a Xuriental secret society whose name cannot even be pronounced.

The clock of Monotapute House runs intentionally five minutes faster than other clocks, to give the members an ongoing sense that the members' space is a totally separate world - and a world just a bit ahead of the curve of the rest of the "barbarians" outside.

On an initiate's first day in Monotapute House they are assigned a name by which they will be known for the rest of their life. Names that are regularly used are: Magog, which is assigned to the initiate with the most experience with the opposite sex; Gog, which is assigned to the least sexually experienced; Long Devil, for the tallest; and Little Devil, for the shortest. Members have often assumed names of mythological and legendary figures.

A great many members of the Monotapute Society are drawn from the same few families, notably the Calvians, the Smallwoods, and the Wallingers. The top families are known because in -30 EC a disgruntled member leaked the rosters to a private researcher, Antony C. Sutton. In -15 EC, untraceable copies of these rosters were placed in the custody of the Unquisition.

Monotapute members often go on to political careers, and it is darkly hinted that the most important, though not necessarily the most famous, members of Parliament are members.

The library of Monotapute House is justly famous, but is accessible to the Society members alone. It is worth noting that Encyclopedia contributor Brother Arfrus appears to have access to at least one manuscript in this library, as well as to at least one of the employees thereof. Those who will may draw what conclusions they can.

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--John Cowan 16:39, 19 Aug 2005 (EDT)

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