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NeoAlezanians are a secret societal order started by young, influential, and upwardly mobile Ghyllians seeking a separate identity from the stodgy, conservative and restrictive established societies. Founded in -45 EC by Hackleford "Hack" Vermeer and his cronies - "Long" Jack Juffers, "Small" Jack Kootz and Michael "Jack" Mooney- when the four of them planted a vorpcara within the Spires of Alezan right under the nose of the Cranee Historical Society’s chief theoarcheologist.

Since then the NeoAlezanians make no pretense of accuracy for their pseudo-historic or semi-religious convictions. They do however use a lot of the imagery associated with Alezan and capitalize on the Alezanian reputation for mystery. They have been known to reenact rituals and practices on Alezanian ruins and to dress in Alezanian garb (of their own design).

Much of what goes on in the meetings of the NeoAlezanians is eventually revealed in their elaborately planned and flawlessly executed pranks – known among the NeoAlezanians as "manifestations". These manifestations almost always revolve around the society’s central mission: to portray the established orders of scholars, clans, families and hives as foolish, obsolete and generally silly.

Their participation was felt in the Conflict That Is Not Happening in -37 EC when, on a lark, a NeoAlezanian hurled an Aelfant coprolith (a petrified dung ball) into a band of hired mercenaries.

While the activities of the NeoAlezaneans aren’t necessarily secret, its members are. While we know the founders because of the bronze Hive-Lord statue in an anatomically improbable pose entitled "The Usual Suspects" that appeared in the Memorial Garden outside the Brothers of the Lantern’s Iganeftan monastery (-28 EC), few other members are so brazen as to sign their work. The enigmatic author of The Kev: My adventures on Kebro-shepenor, Viktor MiBrons, is believed to have been a NeoAlezanian as well as the Shwarmph brothers, Edward and Bobby.

Citations: Alezan, Hack And The Jacks, Theoarcheology.

--Dr. H. L. Ackroyd 16:28, 9 Jan 2005 (EST)

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