Night of Cloaks and Daggers

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It was a fell Varhookan in Ablinth -10 EC when dire events took place on the dreaded second floor of the Charterhouse Collection which no truly enlightened occultologist can ever forget, though no one is entirely sure who is, in fact, responsible. Indeed, not even Godfroi Hasawithe himself is sure who is responsible. In fact, the only thing that everyone seems to agree on is that the Charterhouse copy of the Grimporke Grimoire was stolen and the Second Floor Librarian was completely destroyed in the process. And, by destroyed, it is meant totally, completely and utterly destroyed, folded, spindled, mutilated and eradicated. The body of this poor, nameless Second Floor Librarian was so violated that even their name has been stricken from living memory. Not even Stottlemeyer O'Phelan, the Second Floor Librarian's Assistant could remember his superior's name after having worked with said Librarian for several years. Of course, there were obviously occult forces at work which O'Phelan blamed for his sudden memory loss. (In his defense, a co-worker being spread thin like cheap jam on the ceiling could impair one's memory a bit.) The entire incident was so traumatic for Hasawithe that not only has he never again set foot on the second floor of his own collection, but he called on his estranged wife, Tistar Wakami, to actually make an appearance at the Charterhouse Collection to "comfort" him.

It should be noted that James "Jimmy Cashews" Cashinawitz, while in the general area during this tragic evening, had nothing to do with this, or any other, disappearance. This can be confirmed by none other than Johnny Lightning himself. Certainly, whatever did happen on the second floor of the Charterhouse Collection, it was not a "job" being done by, or for, any nefarious underworld figure. (Note: This statement has been included at the insistence of Brian David Sinningprick, legal counsel for Jimmy Cashews and Johnny Lightning as part of an agreement that effectively indemnifies these two fine, upstanding citizens of Iganefta-on-the-Sea and allows this Encyclopedia contributor to continue his respiratory activities.)

In the intervening years, the Night of Cloaks and Daggers has been celebrated annually by librarians, Occultologists, and Encyclopedants as a sort of holiday, not unlike the strange and mysterious Boxing Day. It seems that these odd, reclusive people have been captivated by the danger and mystery of the original event and are silently crafting this "holiday" into a day when odd relatives are made to conveniently "disappear", with no further questions asked. It should be noted, however, that ex-wives and future ex-wives are never, ever made to disappear on this day and, indeed, it is in poor taste for even the hint of such activities to be suggested.

Citiations: Charterhouse Collection, Boxing Day, Jimmy Cashews.

--Doctor Phineas Crank 20:55, 13 Jan 2005 (EST)

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