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The term notary public has at least two different senses. On the one hand, it is that part of the lay public that takes note of things. Most of the lay public just, well, lays there (lies there? I never could get that straight), allowing the tide of so-called public opinion, actually concocted by various secret societies, as is well known, wash over them only to regurgitate it later... Ahem. Yes. Well.

The notary public, then is, the responsive, the active, I may say the useful part of the public. The part that sends you corrections to your articles by TransAvian at their own expense. All the better if the corrections are in fact correct and in fact correct errors, to be sure. After all, contrary to belief among the non-notary part of the public, we scholars do not entirely write for one another's benefit alone. In fact, this very Encyclopaedia is evidence of that. Or should be.

It's true that answering their notes & queries, even by surface mail, can become tiresome not to say expensive. But all we true scholars are committed above all to the cause of Truth, and wish to see our errors corrected. If not necessarily in the press. Unless of course by ourselves. If you follow me. Er-hrrrm.

On the other hand, the Notar Republic is a constituent part, that is to say, a former constituent part, of the Dulalian Empire. Or rather, it was an independent republic until Royal Dulalia forced it to submit to his tyrannical whims. (We must call a spade a spade, even if it's actually a splakking shovel.) These days, of course, hardly any Notars survive intact, having been irrevocably overrun by Darvekian Party members.

Citations: Darvekian Party, Notar Republic, Splak.

--John Cowan 10:33, 26 Aug 2005 (EDT)

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