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Occultologists are a strange bunch indeed. Though they keep their specific activities occluded from Ghyllian society, their writings are quite famous, none more so, of course, than the infamous Grimporke Grimoire. Quite fascinated with the written word, it was the now iniquitous occultologist, Godfroi Hasawithe, who created the most well known collection of occultological writings under a single roof, the Charterhouse Collection. This collection led to the somewhat infamous NoCaD, which, for various dark, ominous and terribly personal reasons, I dare not mention aloud by name. (Not that I don't trust the esteemed Mr. Cashews when he assures me of my safety, of course!) Occultologists have been known to study the underlying luminous powers of such varied subjects as Ball Lightning Liqueur, the Fefferberry, and the Darseed. Their research has led to inventions as varied as EctoMechanauts, the Lightning Gun, and Modern Standard Ghyllian. Of course, the area of investigation that occultologists are most proud of having delved into more deeply than any other group of students of the strange or researchers of the raunchy is Ghyllian reproduction, which they hold forth as proof that no research task is too large, or small, for their rigorous investigation.

Please note, however, that occultologists should not be confused with practitioners of theoalchemy. They are an entirely different breed. Occultologists prefer researching secrets and only produce manuscripts or actual devices as a by-product of their endless questing. In fact, if they could keep all their secrets secret, they would be secretly happier than they are when they feel compelled to secretly publish their secrets, via secret methods and secret channels, of course.

Actually, come to think of it, since they make such good neighbors, are so quiet, ultra polite and tend to keep very much to themselves, we really don't know all that much about occultologists at all.

A Few Famous Occultologists

Citations: Charterhouse Collection, Ibaan Malmiz, Theoalchemy.

--Doctor Phineas Crank 16:26, 21 Jan 2005 (EST)

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